Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dec. 21: another dog lost in Moncton...

For the second day in a row, front page news in The Moncton Times and Transcript is the flash that another dog is missing in Moncton. Well, maybe not a flash; it happened almost a month ago. But it's still front page news. In fact, it's probably the most important  story in the whole paper. But I can't write a whole blog on a paper so dreadful that it's big story of the day is about a missing dog.

So let's talk about what it doesn't have in it.

1. I still does not have the story of Obama being about to sign a bill that would give the army to power to arrest and imprison American citizens simply on suspicion - and with nobody even saying what the suspicion is about. There is no charge, not trial, no lawyer. And the army will have the right to arrest citizens of other countries in their own countries. (Canada springs to mind.)  The excuse is, as usual, the war on terror. (And the FBI has already announced it considers demonstrators of any sort to be terrorists.)  Any American - or Canadian - will soon be subject to arrest simply because somebody up there doesn't like him or hears a rumour that he might possibly be acquainted with somebody who might know somebody who might be a terrorist.

This is the biggest news story in over two centuries. The American revolution and its constitution of 1776 have been scrapped. And the panic is not about terrorists; it's about the rebellion of ordinary Americans.

Oh, I know, I know. I'm one of those anti-American liberals, possibly even leftist, probably a friend of gays, the type who goes over the top about anything the US does. And you are, perhaps, a sober type of person, practical, conservative.....

Okay. Google American Thinker December 20. 

American Thinker is a right wing journal of commentary - a FAR right wing journal of commentary. Read what its commentators have to say about the bill. Read what four U.S. generals have to say about it.

We are watching the collapse of American democracy. A country which permits imprisonment without even showing that there has been a crime and without any legal process no longer has the most fundamental of civil rights. Without those rights, it cannot be called a democracy.

What we are watching is even more. It's the collapse of the last of the great European empires.

But don't take my word for it. Don't take the word of the American Civil Liberties Union (probably a rabble of liberals and gays). Check out American Thinker. Read its commentators. Real Americans. Conservative. Asexual.

The other area in which the The Moncton TandT has been silent is on shale gas. It's the most hotly discussed issue in the province - except in the TandT and, of course, in the rest of New Brunswick's English language papers. Odd that it missed the local papers because there's been lots of information about problems with shale gas all over the world. There's been so much to keep up on, it was only yesterday I came across a map showing what areas of NB are covered by shale gas leases. the leased areas are  huge. And you'll never guess who the biggest, single lease holder is. Hint - it's a New Brunswick based oil company.

That's odd. I mean, if a missing dog is first page news, and if p.3 has a big story about city hall getting 12 more parking spaces...  Well, you'ld kinda think the paper would have room for local story like that. I mean, it should be beating the drum for a local boy who's done so well. I mean, geegollywhiz, he owns a big oil company and all kinds of things. You'ld think that the newspaper he owns would be all proud of a local boy who worked his way up.

On a more serious note, an ethical paper would publish such news no matter who the owner might be. Or, minimally, an ethical newspaper would announce that it can offer no news at all on the subject because it is compromised by the nature of its ownership.  Failing even that, an ethical journalist would find honest work somewhere else.

Nor has there been much in the paper about the drop in promised spending for medicare. Yes, I know there's a recession, and we cannot spend what we don't have.

The problem with that is we do have. Defence Minister Mackay, alone can spend more money in two and a half days than some families can earn in a year. We have plenty of money to buy absurdly overpriced fighter planes, to assist oil companies (dirty, heavily polluting companies) to export their oil. We spent millions trying the get the world to buy our asbestos, a product widely banned as a carcinogen. We're going to spend tens of millions celebrating the War of 1812, the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen, and a visit from Prince Charles.

The money for all those things is available. We're not having a recession because money is melting or something. We're having a recession because the very rich have been taking most of our money for the last thirty years.

Now is the time to pay for the recession the rich have caused. But the very rich aren't going to be asked to pay for it. Harper - like the dismal Mr. Alward - will insist they must keep all their money - and be given even more. So the rest of us will have to pay. One way we'll pay is by the gradual srangulation of medicare.

If  you want to learn more about that, don't waste your money on The Moncton Times and Transcript. go to   and

You would never know it from the pages of the TandT (or most other North American news media), but we are living through the most revolutionary times in over 500 years. This is not a time for us to read dishonest trivia like the TandT, and just stand around with our faces hanging out.

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