Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dec. 13: Incroyable...

For the third issue in a row, The Moncton Times and Transcript has the same story on the front page. It's not really a news story at all.  It's really a gushing ad for a book by a former New Brunswick media exec. All three were written by the same reporter; and all three repeat much of the same gush as the others.

Marty Kinkenberg is the writer of all three stories - and he's now either dreadfully embarassed by the paper he works for or, like so many other Brunswicknews staffers, he must have no shame at all.

The only breathlessly new information this time is that the author of this wonderful book is that he was a poor child who grew up to be a philanthropist. You know what a philanthropist is.  That's somebody who rips the poor off all year - or helps someone else to rip them off - but makes sure every poor child gets a bag of candy at Christmas. Jesus would be impressed.

There isn't much on national or international news. As I guessed, in an earlier blog, there is no mention of the extraordinarily anti-freedom bill that is now going through the US congress and, of course, no mention of the possible effect on Canada.

That's because they needed room for a fast-breaking story about how climbing stairs is healthier than riding an elevator. There's also a flash that the red-tailed hawk may become Canada's national bird.

Nationally - Canada is withdrawing from th Kyoto accord. Of course. If Harper were to stay, there'd be billions he'd have to pay for not even tryiing to live up to the standards set in the accord.

And, in a move that's bound to win votes from the sort of yahoos who don't think we have enough people in jail in this country, Ottawa has forbidden Moslem women to wear veils at citizenship ceremonies. The reason given is that their answers to the oath of citizenship can't be heard clearly enough. Nobody has ever heard of microphones?

Actually, I'm more concerned we could have women sneaking in to Canada disguised as men - or men sneaking in as women. What this country really needs is citizenship ceremonies in the nude. We could sell tickets.

We're close to war and utter chaos in the middle east, with Canada almost certain to join the dance. Pakistan has just kicked the US off one of its airbases in Pakistan, and has cut off all supplies for the Afghanistan war that pass through Pakistan. The result is that the cost of shipping in war supplies has now risen by 400%. No news on shale gas, of course. There is, however, yet another op ed column to go along with all the stories we've read pimping for an expensively world-class hockey rink for Moncton.

There is a very sensible column by Alec Bruce on Dieppe City Council's heartless, and bone-headed handling of water supply to a subdivision. It's a good example of why it's not enough to get news. We also need intelligent analysis of it to stimulate our own evaluations and responses. The TandT is dreadfully weak on both news and analysis.

It's also weak on grammar. Norbert writes."A lazy person could easily waste their talent..." Gee, Norbert, 'person' is singular. 'Their' is plural.

We're in much deeper trouble that one could guess from reading the TandT. I suspect the trouble, commonly identified as liberalism or conservatism or capitalism or socialism or communism, runs far deeper than that.

I don't want to do it in a regular blog, partly because it's thinking out loud, partly because it has to do with morality. (No. I'm not going to talk about clapping hands for Jesus, or Muhammed, or Buddha.)
It does have to do with all religions - or all the major ones I know of - with the practcal side of all of them - with our neglect of that practical side - and with the general collapse of morality, even in religious cricles, all over the world. Maybe I'll do it on a late evening.

Meanwhile, gotta rush out to buy that great story about the man who was born poor but got rich - and who was good to the little childrren - one day every year.

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