Monday, December 12, 2011

Dec. 12 addendum

Sometimes (usually) there is more news in Rolling Stone than there is in the Times and Transcript.
Today, for example, Rolling Stone had a story that I'm quite sure the TandT will not have tomorrow - or ever.

A bill which will be called the  National Defence Authorization Act if it passes (and it probably will pass) is now working its way through the US Congress. It will officially authorize the indefinite imprisonment of anyone, including both foreigners and Americans, on "suspicion" of any link to al Queda or any (undefined) "associated forces" - or anyone who in anyway is suspected of being a threat to the US. That's a definition so broad it could mean anyone who critizes the government at all.

It requires no charge to be laid, no trial, no lawyers allowed, no limit to the length of detention. Those charged will be immediately handed over to the army for imprisonment and any 'appropriate' treatment .

That's contrary of course, to the American constitition - and contrary to every prinicple of democracy and individual freedom. But it will probably pass; and Obama, who has already had people imprisoned or assassinated without charge or trial, will probably sign it.

Not our problem? Think again. Under the recent agreement between Harper and Obama, American police and other agents can operate in Canada. The nature of the agreement will require a close similarity between Canadian and American law in the area of homeland security. Expect a no-fly list for Canada. Expect highly intrusive airport searches. Expect American agents to have the right to arrest Canadians - "on suspicion".

The TandT probably won't mention any of this. But it's kind of important - to you. Watch what  you say in the new Canada. Watch who you vote for.

Will Harper agree to all this? You betcha. He wants to be really, really good friends with the US government because that would be good for Canadian coporations and their access to the American market. And Harper, like Alward, listens - to corporations.

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