Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nov.3: Why sports pages in newspapers are honest and professional.

In  today's Moncton Times, There is almost no news. Yesterday, the Occupy Oakland movement succeeded in shutting down the port of that city. Hundreds of stores closed in sympathy with the call for a general strike. Veterans joined in, infuriated by the police attack on a veteran at an earlier demonstration. (The veteran, who was quite peaceful) suffered a fractured skull when a tear gas canister, fired at close range, hit him.

 The Oakland police officers' association has since made public its sympathy with Occupy Oakland, declaring itself part of the 99%.

Harper will soon ban unions and corporations from giving loans to political parties. This will close down Canadian democracy another notch - since it will leave only the Conservaitve Party with enough money to fight national elections.

The Canadian government is punishing the poor all over the world by cutting UNESCO's funding because it's mad at the UN for offering Palestine membership in UNESCO. But it hasn't said a word about Israel's far more threatening response in taking more Palestinian land for Israeli settlements. Kiss, kiss.

A Canadian boat is running the Israeli blockade to bring aid to Palestine. It will certainly be threatened and, if necessary, attacked by Israeli warships.

These are all important stories. Not one made today's Times and Transcript. Most of the stories it has are non-stories. Harper is going to the G20 summit. So? Going to a summit is not a big story. When he does something at it, that will be a story. A widow in PEI want's to wear her husband's medals on November 11. Touching. But not in a class with the stories that did not make the paper.

de Adder's cartoon shows our tax money disappearing into a black hole labelled health care. Actually, we get something back for what we spend on health care. Would de Adder have the integrity or the courage to show our tax money disappearing into a black hole labelled Irving?

As usual, the only two columns worth reading are Alec Bruce and Jody Dallaire.

Now, compare all this to the Sports section.

No big games are missed. There is almost a page of statistics covering sports all over North America.  There appear to be more staff reporters for the sports section than for any other section of the paper.; and the columnists know what they're talking about. The superior journalism of the sports section can be seen in most newspapers in North America.

Tomorrow, we'll take a look at the economics and motives of the news business to try to explain that.


  1. .but you forgot to mention the column by Rod (Holy Shit, I'm Smart) Allen.

  2. I stopped reading it after a few paragraphs. It was just too trivial and silly. Did I miss something?

  3. You need to ask that question.....?

  4. But,'s rag (Friday) has not one but TWO "important" alcohol related stories on the front page. (And who in hell is Laura Calder??)
    For the record, I suspect the sports reporters do OK but they, in the main, have at least some knowledge of their subject matter. That can't be said for most of the others.......