Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nov.20: What will be in tomorrow's TandT (but only partly)...

It's amazing what doesn't make the news. For example, I was almost a month ago that Obama exercised what he claims is a right to order the assassination of American citizens with charge or trial. Now, that would appear to be against the American consititution. So I checked google for sites dealing with it. Some Nineteen million sites popped up.
I didn't read all of them. But it took me five pages to get to the first mainstream news medium (The Guardian) to carry a mention of it.
So - an American president has the power of life and death over American citizens. He can imprison or kill with no charge at all, no judicial process. The constitution seems to say the opposite. And countries with that sort of executive power are rarely called "free".

But it took me five pages to find a news source that even mentioned the story.

So will the TandT notice the implications of today's story from Ottawa? Harper has said Canada will  go to war with Syria if necessary.. There are two things wrong with that.

1. The rebelliion in Syria is being encouraged and supplied with weapons, money and training by interested parties - like Turkey. We are getting some very one-sided reporting on what this is all about. It's complicated, and has more to do with Syria's strategic position than with good guys and bad guys. And we certainly aren't going to get the full story from our news media.

2. Whether we go to war is not Mr. Harper's decision. In a democracy, the people, through their elected representatives, make that decision. That is one of the things our history books say that our soldiers died for in World War One. That is the reason Canada did not enter World War Two until after a delay of a week so parliament could discuss and vote on ther matter.
That's not a small point. On Nov. 11, we were all talking about rememberinig those who died and why they died.
Of course, that was Nov. 11. Tomorrow is Nov. 21.
The TandT will surely print the announcement. But it won't touch the issue of it being our decision. Nor will it give us the full infomration we need to make such a decision.
What the hell!  Nov. 11 is history.

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