Monday, November 14, 2011

Nov.14: what you won't read on Nov. 15.

You won't read about how   Libya is dissolving into a civil war as rival militias fight even in the capital city of Tripoli. Nor will you hear about destruction, theft and rap by the various militias - of about the shooting of all Black Africans on sight. After all, it would be embarassing to admit this is what our interference has led to.

For the same reason,  they don't mention the daily attacks in Iraq, though that war was declared a victory years ago.

The news editor might want to check out the Nov. 14, Christian Science Monitor, and the Nov. 14 New York Times has an overview headed Libya - Revolution and Aftermath.

Obviously, both Ottawa and Fredericton are going to deal with the recession in much the same way - tax the poor but not the rich, and cut services.

Been there. Done that. That was how they handled the Great Depression of the 1930s. That's why it lasted so long and was so terrible. Mind you, it worked out great for corporations and the wealthy. By exploiting people desperate for jobs, offering abysmal wages, cutting benefits like paid holidays and penions, demanding "voluntary" overtime, Canadian big business did well in the Great Depression.

You doubt that? Go to your library. Ask for a government report of about 1935 called The Report on Price Spreads and Mass-Buying. It's still fairly common in libraries. (Forget those stories about millionaires jumping out of windows. They did well in the dirty thirties while the rest of us starved.)

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