Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nov.12: pious hypocrisy...

Again, the Moncton Times and Tribune beats a story to death without telling us anything. Remembrance Day, thanks to news media like the the TandT, gets endless reporting with no substance.  When I think of Remembrance Day, I think of the sixteen  year old with a grade four education who was cut in half in his first action. I remember Howard, barely of military age and also with a grade four education, who was damaged for life in Korea. I remember the fathers who joined so they would at last be able to feed their families. On Remembrance Day, I remember those who gave their lives. I didn't know anybody who died to preserve democracy. You really don't get much understanding of democracy in grade six; and grade six was the average education of a Canadian serviceman in World War Two.

But in our Remembrance Days, we pay tribute to the survivors. And in so doing, we create the myth that all of our wars have been to preserve democracy and to defend Canada. And that's nonsense. The Boer War was fought to make wealthy English wealthier. In World War One, Canada and Canadian democracy were never threatened. We fought it because Canadian corporations depended on British investment. So Britain had to win. It was good for business.

The Korean War was fought to keep Asia safe for American corporations. The Libya war was fought to give control of Libyan oil to British, Fench and American billionaires. So will be, if it happens, the Iran war - and all the wars that will follow from it. Why do we go to war for American corporations? Because that guarantees that the US will continue to welcome imports from Canadian corporations.

Our governments made not the slightest attempt to remember the lessons from those wars. Nor does the TandT. If it did, it would note that we, who pretend to honour our veterans. have just inflicted serious cuts to the budget of the Department of Veteran's Affairs.

We have also, through our federal government, drastically cut funding of military studies at the university level, in the case of UNB by 80% (though it is scarcely a centre of anti-war sentiment). You will find this story on p. A8.

There could be war with Iran, and it could well happen within weeks. Such a war would almost certainly cause major breakdowns within the whole region - and possibly more widely. Every serious contender for the Republican leadership has called for such a war.Obama is less enthusiastic. But he seems to have no control over Israeli leaders who speak openly of launching a war on Iran - a war to which both the US and Canada committed themselves long ago.

This will give us a fresh crop of people to remember, those who gave their lives to protect----whatever. But there's not a word about it in today's TandT.

The cartoon by deAdder is a smug, ignorant and cheap shot at the Occupy movement. It's a good example of why deAdder is loved by BrunswickMedia, but will never find a job with a serious newspaper.  For those who wonder what  a good cartoonist does, google The Gazette Aislin. Aislin's real name is Terry Mosher - and no Irving would ever hire him. People who won't hire him do Aislin honour.

In the student columnist section (Whatever), Jana Giles raises a point I have often wondered about. School cafeterias thrive on junk food. It has alway been that way.  Most lunches are high fat, high sodium and high sugat - guaranteeing a future of remarkably unhealthy people in New Brunswick. 

Alex Corbett has a good piece on the Occupy movement which would put cartoonist deAdder to shame - if  he has any shame.

Isabelle Agnew has an article about some of the formalities of education - and what a pain they are.
Not to worry, Isabelle, I have no idea what the parts of speeach are. It hasn't prevented me from being a professional writer.  I can't do geometry or trigonometry or even algebra worth a poop. Nor have  I noticed anything in life that I am missing as a result. In fact. I left behind me a classic piece of bad writing in grade nine. It was an essay that began, "The bloody stench of another pestilential carnage is again muddying the earth under its iron heel..."   And from there, it got worse.

I failed just about everything that could be failed in high school. But I still enjoy reading and writing and history - and all sorts of things.

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  1. Did you miss the continuing sobbing over Mr. Fowler? NOBODY is suggesting Mr. Fowler's death was not a tragic loss to his family and to the city, but the junior high style hero worship "writing" since his death has taken away from the tragedy of his all too soon demise and put the focus on the ridiculous over the top coverage of that event. RIP, Mr. Fowler...and please excuse those who used your death to embarrass themselves in print...even though they do not seem to understand that.