Friday, November 11, 2011

Nov.11: remembering.....

This will be a short blog. I'm recovering from a very nasty cold; and don't feel up to much of anything.

Today's Rememberance day edition of the Tand T is the standard one of the day, full of rememberances of how fathers and uncles - and tens of thousands who never became fathers and uncles died ro defend our deomocracy.

I shall skip lightly over the questions of how the Boer War, Afghanistan and bombing helpless civilians in Libya had anything to do with protecting anybody's democracy.

But I have to wonder why, if we think democracy was so important to defend and that was was worth so many dead, why have we simply handed it over to Mr. Irving without a whimper? Irving, without being elected, has declared himself a member of the government. A committee of his flunkies has taken over the planning of our budget. Both the Liberals and Conservatives are obviously in his pocket. The democracy we say our soldiers died to defend has been handed over without a whimper to a dictator.

In that he has had the full cooperation of The Moncton Times and Transcript which talks so much about dying for democracy on this day.

Will Mr. Alward feel any twinge of guilt as he remembers the dead and why they died? Nah.

Will any of this occur to the many clergymen who have preached Remembrance Day services, and who lend themselves to our solemn hypocrisy on this day? Not bloody likely.

We are very close to committing ourselves to another war which has nothing to do with our democracy or with anybody's democracy. Wouldn't it be wonderful to show respect fot those who gave their lives by thinking first before we send still more to die.

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