Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nov. 6: what will not appear in the Moncton TandT on Monday, Nov. 7

The Ottawa Citizen reported on Oct. 28 that Harper will buy five hundred thousand flags to wave in the year of the Queen's jubilee. That will be a lot of money. He's also going to spend some 28 million celebrating our military history on the two hundredth anniversary of the War of 1812. And of course, he will lavish attention on the day we remember our debt to our veterans.
(Meanwhile, he has cut the budget of Veteran's Affairs, the department that looks after veterans who need help as a result of their experience. But the TandT    probably won't mention that.)

The Wall Street Journal of Nov. 5 reported that the CIA is now using drones in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia to kill people who are 'suspected' of being in contact with other people who are 'suspected' of being terrorists. That pretty well covers everybody in all three countries.  It also covers anybody who is unlucky enough to be standing near the target, or in the same apartment building or bus.

That's illegal under international law, of course. But who cares about the law?

Anyway, the TandT won't tell us about it. Nor will it give the numbers of innocent people right down to babies who have been killed by drones so far. In fact, it wouldn't tell them even if the US government was willing to report the numbers.

Will we get today's  report that the rebels in Libya (our friends) are now shooting at each other? Maybe not. We still don't have a figure on how many people we helped to kill in that country so that American, British and French oil companies could make bigger profits.

Oh, and I'll bet it won't tell us that a shale gas company in England has admitted that its seismic testing is what caused a recent earthquake in the resort city of Blackpool.


  1. Good God you not realize there is a local wine festival going on?????????????

  2. The death of Ian Fowler must have been important..why it pushed the ALL IMPORTANT wine festival down to a single column/.