Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nov. 5: the reliable Times and Transcript

Even by Tand T standards, the front page of today's paper came as a bit of a surprise. It was about Wine Expo - AGAIN. The huge excitement today is about how the NB liquor store at the expo site sold a record $92,000 worth of booze in one hour. Well, so there's the answer to our provincial budget problem.

Everybody get smashed and stay that way. Let's all get out there and do our bit for good old NB.

So if it's a money-maker, why doesn't Irving take over NB liquor? Simple. The purpose of NB liquor is to extract as much money as possible from the poor and the middle class to raise government money so the government can give it to Irving in the form of cheap electricity and subsidies. So don't you worry you little heads about it. Irving is not suffering any loss through government ownership of NB liquor.

So get drunk. Stay drunk. And buy lots of lottery tickets. Mr. Irving needs that money, too. Otherwise (gasp) he might have to finance his own businesses - and even pay taxes.

There's a reason we're a have not province. The wealth is  here.There's plenty for all our needs and for a balanced budget. But throughout its history, New Brunswick has been giving its wealth away to its one percent - the Irvings and the McCains and their buddies. They didn't create the wealth. The creation was done by New Brunswick workers, and by the forests and farms and waters of this province. The one percent are the ones who sucked it up - and who won't leave until the province has been sucked dry. (Then, no doubt, they'll be given The Order of New Brunswick).

As I guessed yesterday, the TandT decided it really had to mention to seizure of a Canadian boat by the Israeli navy. And, of course, the report was from Reuters, so it treats the matter delicately. Reuters, for example, makes it a point to say that a UN report of a year ago said that the Israeli blockade in intenational waters was legitimate. In fact, that is not quite what the report said.

The report to the UN said it had no authority to make a legal judgement - but that it was sympathetic to the Israeli case. If anybody thinks it is legal to blockade a country - and to attack ships in international waters - then an international court is the one to make that decision. Will Harper take it to an international court in defense of Canadian involved?  Dream on. He's more likely to put them on a hit list.

Reuters also says Israel permits medical shipments to Palestine. Oh? Really? Then how come Reuters is reporting a a boat seized for trying to bring in medical supplies?

We are also told the crews will be taken to "prison service holding facilities". Oh! that's nice. So much nicer that putting them in prison! And they will "wait" there until flights home can be arranged. So kind of Israel to provide them with a "waiting' place.

The TandT made no mention of other stories I thought were kind of important - like the British-American plan to attack Iran in the near future, the investigation of NATO (commanded by a Canadian) for war crimes in Libya, and the extraordinary rate of suicide and mental illness among American veterans.

Nor, on November 11, will this question be raised when we romanticize war. I mean, why mess up a nice day with talk of what happens to our veterans when they get home?

We also read that N.B. contiues efforts to 'right-size' government. ( get rid of civil servants.).  Brilliant. Respond to a growth of unemployment by creating more unemployment. Yeah, that should fix things.

And we have to pay attention to a report by the Taxpayers' Federation (which represents you though you didn't elect it, and it neither has ever heard of you nor given a damn about you). It says civil service salaries are too high compared to the private sector, having increased 44% at a time private business salaries have increased only 30%.

Did it mention how much the salaries of the Ganongs and McCains and Irvings have increased? Did it mention the increase in salaries of their executives and board mambers?

The reporter for the story is listed as Shawn Berry. Evidently, this is a reporter who is good at taking dictation. I wonder who wrote the original version of this story.

Speaking of cutting the public sector, Mr. Alward recently gave official status (and money) to a group of Irving appointees who now - in defiance of Canadian constitutional practice - are designing the provinicial budget. So why don't we just stop kidding ourselves that this is a democracy? Let's fire the whole finance department. And let's skip elections. I mean, New Brunswickers will only vote to change lapdogs. So elections are a waste of money. Alward as chief lapdog forever!

The editorial gets it right, though. It  says we're already taxed to the limit. We need to find things to cut down on.

So about cutting down on all the freebies we give to our one percent? (Or maybe ask the one percent to pay some taxes. Please?)

And now, a closing word from Mr. Alward.

"bow-wow. r-r-r-r. Yipe! Yipe! Yipe!"

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