Friday, November 4, 2011

Nov 4: evening addendum

It was a pleasant noon hour. I stood with some friends in front of the Moncton Times and Transcript building holding a sign that read "Irving News the Worst in Canada". Alas, the Times reporting staff must have been tied up in their hectic round of tough, investigative reporting. So there won't be any report of it. Like many things in New Brunswick, it never happened.

Oh, but it did make Acadiens Nouvelles, though. So it happened a little bit.

Fellow journalists told me for years how bad the Irving-owned media were. But I had to live here to understand how appallingly bad it was - and how much New Brunswickers are afraid.

Looking forward to next week's noon hours.

Just a few items that many not appear in tomorrow's  Tand T.

1. According to The Guardian, probably the world's best English -language paper, of Nov. 4, the US and Britain have plans for a joint attack on Iran. The excuse will be the old"weapons of mass destruction" game. What the hell. It worked against Iraq. And the north American public is still as gullible as they come.
If it happens, watch for the whole middle east to blow up - and with Canada sucked into it. It's a terrible thing to see the desperate extremes taken by a collapsing empire.

2. The Israeli navy has stopped and boarded a Canadian ship in international waters. It was carrying medical supplies to Gaza. We have no word yet on what has happened to the Canadian and Americans aboard.
To stop a ship like that in international waters is against international law - and it's an act of war against the country to which the ship is registered. But you won't hear even a whimper out of Harper on this one.
 The Times will probably have to give this at least a mention - but watch for a gentle and limited report. Since the Times relies on Postmedia and Reuters for its foreign news (and since the news editor has probably never  heard of The Guardian), don't expect anything  honest or thorough.

3. NATO (that includes us, particularly our air force) is going to be investigated by the International Criminal Court for war crimes in Libya.
That's odd. Reuters never mentioned any war crimes.

4. Something to remember this Remembrance Day. An American veteran attempts suicide every 80 minutes. In the past year, some 300 US servicemen have committed suicide while still in service. The reason, according to Centre for a New American Society, is lack of adequate psychatric care for those sufferiing post-traumatic stress disorder.
I don't know any source with official figures for Canadian veterans. Nor can I imagine the Irving press asking for them.  But I'm sure Mr. Irving will be wearing a poppy that day.


  1. Why on earth would you ever think a newspaper would see fit to take the time to report on some random old man standing outside the building with a sign putting down that very paper?

    There's plenty of people who take issue with various things in the paper, it doesn't mean they should be given a soapbox to air their opinions for the entire subscriber base.

    You already have your soapbox with this blog, surely you have better things to do with your time than to stand outside a building with a sign and assume it's newsworthy?

  2. I am not an old man. I am a mature person - a full flower as it were.

  3. At this time of year most of my flowers are dead.