Monday, November 28, 2011

Nov. 28: ---added note for the day I should have put in the main post...

Journalists should be careful of linking the Peace Movement of the 60s to the Occupy Movement.

The Peace Movement faded because the situation is was protesting disappeared. Remember - the big issues were the Vietnam War and the military draught. The Peace Movement won on both counts. The US got out of Vietnam (after killing several million people and poisoning the land), and no American government since then would touch the idea of a military draught.

The Occupy Movment is addressing a much bigger issue. And that issue is not going to disappear. The stakes are huge. Either corporations come to dominate the world (as they do New Brunswick) - in which case we are going to see serious violence and social disintegration - or we will get democracy. The corporations are not going to back off without a fight.

They and their political friends were quite happy to beat, jail and even kill peace protesters in the sixties. This is bigger. And our coporate leaders will be all the quicker to use violence. We're already seeing it in Euope. We can soon expect to see it in the US.

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