Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nov. 27: Tomorrow,(Nov 28), will the Tand T tell the whole truth?

1. Even the Moncton Times and Telegraph will surely carry the story that the Arab League will vote sanctions on Syria - and it will surely say the reasons it do so (along with France and Turkey) are humanitarian (to stop the fighting) and to establish democracy. Betcha, though, it won't tell us much about who the Arab League is.

It's for a start, Saudi Arabia, os one of the least democratic countries in the world. In fact, it's an absolute monarchy.
Bahrain is similar. Both Bahrain and Saudi Arabia teamed up to use troops and to kill protesters who wanted democracy inj Bahrain. Saudi Arabia has also freely killed it's own citizens who had complaints about the lack of democracy.

Then there's Libya. Yes. Ghadaffi was a long time member of the freedom loving Arab League. And they never sanctioned him. NATO still refuses to release the butcher's bill for its humanitarian bombing of Libyan civilians. And papers like the TandT don't ask.

Kuwait - another dictatorship. The United Arab Emirates - ditto.

Egypt, another long time member, and a country whose army is still busy killing protesters who want democracy.

Then there's Yemen, whose government the US has denounced as evil. The US and France are, as I write this, bombing Yemen, with heavy loss of civilian life. They are also supplying and supporting a Kenyan army which has invaded Yemen.

Yessiree. That sure is a great collection of humanitarian and and democracy-loving states. The US is now taking this case to the UN, urging UN approval so we can kill some more people for humanitarian reasons.

Let's see if the TandT will say anything about what the Arab League really is - and what these sanctions are really all about.

It surely will carry the story of NATO helicopters who attacked a Pakistan border post (within Pakistan territory) killing some 30 Pakistan soldiers. And the TandT will probably say that Pakistan has cut off all supplies to NATO forces in Afghanistan.

What it probably won't say is that NATO is hated across Pakistan for years of random killing by NATO assassination squads and drone bombers. Hundreds of civilians have been killed.I don't believe any of this has ever appeared in the TandT.

The government of Pakistan, though it is largely controlled by the US, has to react to these latest killings or face a civil war. Thus the announcement that supplies to NATO will be cut off.

Most of this news, by the way, is no secret. Most of it is on google news - and it simply copies items from real newspapers.

And will we hear anything about progress on the great mystery of whether illegal seismic testing was done in Sussex? Or will we just get more op ed drivel about what a wonderful man Mr. Northrup is for taking action (without being terribly clear about what that action might be.) Oh, I'm sorry. It's true .Mr. Northrup has demanded a sincere apology. Way to blast 'em baby. No point in letting them off with an insincere apology.

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