Monday, November 21, 2011

Nov. 21: using rouge to heal measles....

The general attitude of the mainstream media has been to ignore the Occupy movement (as Brunswickmedia generally has) or to denigrate and misrepresent it as, for example, the National Post has. (The National Post is a big circulation equivalent to the Moncton TandT.)  They hope now it will simply go away.

Maybe it will. But that won't matter. The Occupy movement is not the problem. It did not cause the economic crash. It has nothing to do with the growing wealth of the one percent and the deepening  hardship of the ninety-nine percent. In fact, it didn't cause any serious problems anywhere.

In the same way, if all the world's enviromentalists were to disappear tomorrow, that would not reduce the cancer deaths downstream from the oil sands, or clean up the Caribbean, or refreeze the Arctic or clean up the polluted waters of the world.

Environmentalists are not a problem. Getting rid of them won't solve any problem. If they all vanish, the problems of our environment are still here.

The wealthy of this world, and the news media they own, have always been fond of ignoring problems, and acting as if that has solved them.

Many of the rest of us are like that, too. If we tug at our skirts and ignore the protesters, we kid ourselves that we have solved the problem. In fact, we haven't even recoognized it.

You can cover the spots of measles with rouge. But the patient will still be sick.

Western capitalism has not collapsed. Money has not disappeared. It didn't burn or get sunk into the ocean. the money is still there. that's not a problem.

The problem is that for the past forty years or so, most of the money has disappeared into the pockets of the very, very rich. It's still there. We just can't have it.  It's not capitalism that is collapsing. It's our political and social structure that is collapsing because so much money has been taken from us for the benefit of a very few. It's because so many of the very wealthy have destroyed capitalism with their greed. Capitalism never really had to worry about enemies like communists. It's most dangerous enemy was always capitalists.

Getting rid of the Occupy movement or environmentalists or whoever you disagree with on this round will not solve the problem. And it's obvious that governments won't solve it because those who have the money don't want government to solve it. (Those who have the money are not having a problem. They are the problem.)

And if we go on ignoring the problem? It gets worse. A whole lot worse. And violent on both sides.

New Brunswickers don't complain much when the government doles out their tax money as gifts to the wealthy, and it gives tax breaks to the rich, then cuts our services to pay for them. That's because it's all so quiet. Mr. Irving doesn't have to carry a sign or sleep in a tent to get what he wants, does he? No. He's a nice man. Not like those crazy protesters. The RCMP doesn't secretly have a file on him, or stand around when he chats with the permier. So genteel. Not like those screeching protesters. I mean, why don't they get jobs at Walmarts or as waiters, and work their way up like Mr. Irving did?

The Moncton TandT wants to cure problems of excessive corporate power and general poverty and the environment by pretending they aren't there. It won't work. Never has. We just get sicker.

And if anybody mentions we aren't looking well, we blame them.

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