Monday, November 21, 2011

Nov. 21: same old....

Wow! They didn't even mention Harper's statement that Canada is committed to war if necessary with Syria. Well, that avoids the Nov. 11 question of what our soldiers died for.

They also don't mention the anti-fracking demonstration by over 600 people in Fredericton.

They do mention, though,  that St. Mary's First Nation have set up a large teepee on the lawn of the legilature in Fredericton - and they are gracious enough to say it was part of an anti-fracking rally. But that was it. The entire report was three sentences. The big story of the day, with photos and close to a page of reporting, is about a 1940s dance.

This is from the paper which pledged to keep us informed about fracking. But we have yet to see a word about recent studies which raise concerns about fracking, complaints that have been made about it. what is going on and where. Nothing.  But there's a whole page about a 1940s dance.

The Reuters story on Syria is a little bit better than usual. It  at least raises the possiblity that the Syrian rebels may in fact, be getting weapons, money, training, from unnamed foreign countries. For a fuller account of who those foreign countries are, check out the Guardian or The Independent  in Britain. Also al-haaretz in Israel.

There's a decent story on how Canada is about to spend a half billion from the defence budget in order to build a satellite whose value and purpose are unclear. Tough luck for Veterans' Affairs which has just had its budget cut - and now will certainly have no chance of getting it restored. "We will never forget...."  But that was way back, ten days ago.

Strange column by Norbert. It's about the provincial Liberal party's meeting to regroup for the future.
Norbert is quite right to say the Liberals caused their own problems, have only themselves to blame, have been opportunistic.... No doubt.

But is that a reason why they should not regroup to plan for the future? It sounds to me like all the more reason they should.

For that matter, how have the Conservatives been any better? Or even any different?

And he says people need time to comment on legislation? Well, yes, they do. They also need basic information about it. But the TandT, for which Norbert writes, has been pretty shy on information. How much do you know about fracking? About electricity rates to corporations? About corporate funding of parties? About real tax rates for the one percent? If you know anything about any of these, you probably did not get it from The Moncton Times and Transcript. Or from an Irving-owned radio station.

Norbert offers his own suggestions, most of them trivial. He doesn't touch the central issue. How do we get corporations out of government? How do we restore equal rights and democracy to New Brunswick?  Gee! I wonder why he never mentioned that.

Donald Copp of Moncton contributes a letter to the editor that is somewhat critical of Norbert for his comments on the CBC.  Good letter. It's one of the few things worth reading in the whole paper.

But, then, it's not the purpose of the TandT to be worth reading. It's purpose to keep us interested in trivia, and keep us ignorant of what's happening. In that respect, it has exactly the same function as the gladitorial games did in Ancient Rome - to keep the mob quiet. (We're the mob).

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