Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nov. 19:2011

Bill Belliveau assures us the Occupy Movement is withering away. It certainly is - in the pages of the Moncton Times and Trancript where it has been srupulously ignored from the start. Now google a serious newspaper like The Guardian or The New York Times where you can read about the march of 30,000 in New York, and the dozens of sympathy marches all over the western world. Go to youtube. See the demonstrations, the actions of police, though many police forces in the land of the free are now banning reporters, and even arresting them. (There's never any need to ban TandT reporters.)

Will the Occupy movement just fade away as the Moncton Times seems to hope it will? It might. But the problem won't.

We are watching western domination of the world which has existed for some 500 years destroyinig itself. Let's be big boys and girls, and face that. Externally, we are hated for five centuries of interference  and exploitation which has caused poverty, mass murder, slavery, torture. Places like Congo and China and Africa and Central America and India remember our history well, much better than Bill Belliveau seems to.

Internally, we are being destroyed by the inability of what is left of our democracy to control the greed of a small number who are destroying us economically.

The Occupy movement might go away. The problem won't. Nor will tinkering change anything. Norbert may mutter that they're all punks and unwashed. It doesn't matter. The demonstrators may be degenerate, lazy and Baptist. It doesn't matter. What matters is the problem. And, far from looking at answers, we're pretending the problem isn't there.

There is almost no world news today. That's odd. Russia is moving warships into the waters of Syria just as Turkey and others are threateining to intervene in that country. The United States and Israel are both threatening action against Iran because it might get a nuclear bomb - and the US and Israel between them have fewer than 6.000 nuclear bombs. So you can see the threat.

In other words, we are quite possibly on the brink of catastrophic wars in the middle east which could well become world wars - and Canada is already committed to join in. That doesn't bother you? Okay. If it happens, start saving now for you next filling at the gas pump.

But don't worry. We'll ignore it. And it will all go away.

Internally, democracy is crashing. The American system is so corrupt that voters have lost all confidence in it. We've seen the same thing happening across Canada. And please don't tell me that New Brunswick is a democracy.

The only part of today's paper that is in touch with reality is an op ed column by David Suzuki - which talk about what our economic system is doing to our environment. As Suzuki suggests, corporate power is not the solution to our problem. On the contrary, it is the major cause of our problem.

We are standing on the railway tracks, and an express charging down the line. Pretending it's not there won't help. And Finance Minister Higgs' plan to streamline the civil service - along with the federal Liberal plan to add seats to the House of Commons - will neither of them have the slightest effect on the train.

The Occupy Movement will fade into irrelevance? Maybe. It could happen. It's already happened to democratic government.

That still leaves us with the problem that we so busily pretend isn't there - an economic system based on greed and military power. The first job if, indeed, we have time, is to get business out of government, and to restore democracy. (Democracy means the elected representatives respresent us. They don't represent corporate bosses. And it means we have news sources that keep us informed.)

You don't think that's practical? Okay. Then we have one alternative - a system in which we accept the power of corporations in government. It's been tried. It's called fascism.

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