Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nov. 16: The TandT DID do a followup on the lady Gaga story..

I just knew they would followo up on what obviously wasn't a story in the first place. Turns out the spotting of Lady Gaga was a hoax. Quelle surprise and donne moi un break. That should have been obvious yesterday. In fairness, maybe the TandT knew about the hoax and was playing along with it.

There is also an ad disguised as news. It's for the sale of Beaujolais Nouveau at NB liquor. The craze for Beaujolais Nouveau was created decades ago to foist off on the public a wine of indifferent quality from the Beaujolais district. And to this day, amateur connoisseurs are sucked into buying this plonk as though it were an almost religious experience.

The TandT does carry a report on New York's use of riot police to evict Occupy Wall Street  protestors. But the report omits a good deal - as you will find by checking NYT and Washington Post. But, then, the report is from Reuters - one of the only two news agencies the TandT editor seems to have heard of.

Here's a hint for the TandT news editor. Go to
This is a news sheet operated by the protestors. That's where you could find all the information - with videos - that Reuters didn't carry. There is also news from the movement all over the world. (Of course, the TandT would like you to think these are all tiny groups of adolescent  hippies, and they don't really mean anything.)

In this province, mr. Irving reaps billions, largely at our expense, mounts a vicious attack on the public schools so he can make money out of them - then gets referred to in his newspapers as a "champion of public schooling and a philanthropist".) At the same time, ordinary people of all ages, all walks of life, make sacrifices to challenge the Irvings of this world; and they get called spoiled kids and hippies - if they get mentioned at all.

This is not just incompetent reporting. This, mr. editor, is dishonest reporting.

The big item in NewsToday is Minister (Joe Oliver, federal minister of natural resources) bashes NDP for stand on Keystone deal. That seems commonplace enough - but...

The story began that same day with a report that NDP members were in Washington to criticize the pipeline project, to say that many Canadians oppposed it. So - why wasn't the story headed NDP members criticize pipeline project in Washington?

Because most people read only  the headline and maybe a few paragraphs of a news story. Beginning the story the way TandT did gives a negative (and quite false) view of the NDP action.

That, mr. editor, is also called lying.

I see the village idiot has been called back to write the edtorial "Misguided paranoia". I wrote yesterday evening's blog on the same subject, the soon-to-be-announced security deal with the US., so I won't repeat it here. But there are very serious dangers in a common borders-security deal, dangers that threaten the rights of all of us. I'm afraid, though, that reading my piece won't help the writer of that editorial who is clearly too stupid to know what rights are - or to understand why the Norad deal is nothing like this one.

Alec Bruce write column on shale gas that many people will not like. I"m uneasy about it, myself. But it's an intelligent, informed, honest and reasonable case. Well worth reading.

Reporter Eric Lewis writes an op ed column to express alarm about the drop in sales at NB Liquor.
Can you imagine? He is upset that New Brunswickers aren't getting smashed enough.

Only in an Irving paper could this happen.

Brian Cormier, the master of saying nothing in a thousand words or less, tells fascinating readers that it's not nice to have a cold.

Oh, now that Nov. 11 is over, think of all those politicians who turned out to express their thanks to veterans and to remember those who fell. You will recall that the TandT slobbered all over the story.

In fact, Canadian governments, including the flag-waving Harper government, have been brutally neglectful of our veterans. Even as we ratchet up military spending for such things as the F-18, an aircraft of no use for defending Canada, and one whose costs have run out of control, the spending for veterans' affairs has been cut. And even those programmes which do exist for veterans are hedged in with so many rules as to make it impossibly for most to take advantage of them.

Remember that next November 11.

Where to get information about it? Well, not in an Irving paper. Go to Chapters. Look for a magazine called  Literary Review of Canada. The November issue begins with an essay called "Afghanistan's Price".

There's also a revealing facebook page called "The Canadian Veterans' Advocacy".

Meanwhile, we'll just let messrs Allward, Harper, Irving and their friends smile and wave their little flags while they share bonanza of defence spending - and make sure none of it gets spent on those veterans they pretended to remember..

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