Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nov. 15 : it's incredible......

....how many stories the Moncton TandT missed for Nov. 15.
It didn't, for example, carry the story that was in the (British) Daily Mail about how Discovery Channel will carry a seven part series about the environment called Frozen Planet. But North Americans will only see six parts. The other one will be banned because - well - a majority of Americans, especially Americans, don't believe in climate change; so it would just upset them.

A large number of papers, including Israel's haaretz, are saying the attack on Iranian nuclear facilities that killed a large number of people was carried out by Mossad, the Israeli Secret Service. Gee. Would the TandT have ignored  the story if Iran had blown up a US nuclear site? (Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if it did. It carries only what its given by Post Media and, maybe, Reuters.)

The Associated Press in Brussels was officially infomed  that the International Crime Commission will examine charges that NATO (that means us) is guilty of war crimes in Libya. (There's already a civil suit in the Belgian courts over the NATO killing of over  800 civilians in an air attack near Tripoli.)

As usual, many papers carry what has become the daily toll of people killed by American drones in Pakistan, Somalia and Lebanon. All the dead are, of course, terrorists. Funny how so many terrorists are children and even babies.

A story that has been ignored by the TandT for some three years, is now reappearing with added info. Check The Guardian for Nov. 15.  When Iceland's private banking system collapsed, Icelanders did what you are supposed to do in a capitalist system. The left it in collapse. They did not bail it out.

They didn't give handouts to the corporate bosses who had destroyed the system. Instead, they kicked them out of sticking their noses in the political system. They wrote a new constitution to assure that corporations would mind their own business in future - and not corrupt democracy.

After all, that's the way capitalism is supposed to work.

And things are coming along just fine. Meanwhile, New Brunswick happily goes along being corrupted and robbed blind by corporations.
Oh, the New York Police carried out a quite brutal attack to expel the Occupy Wall Street protestors, arresting 200 of them for obsturcting the law. A court gave the police quite a jolt, though, when it said the protestors had every right to be there. If the police were to going to hit "illegals" with their clubs, if seems they should have been banging each other on the head, and dragging each other through the mud.

Then, another court ruled that the demonstrators had ever right to be on the site - but had no right to erect tents or other structures. That was a partial victory for the city - but it also had to reopen the site immediately to allow the protestors to demonstrate - so long as they carried no tents or sleeping bags.

As I write this, the crowds in New York are still building up; and big demonstrations are planned for Nov. 17.   But don't worry. You won't see anything in tomorrow's paper that will upset you. What you are more likely to get is a non-followup to today's non-story that Lady Gaga was spotted in Moncton.

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