Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nov. 10: evening thoughts....

According to the Winnipeg Free Press for Nov. 10, a large majority of Canadians polled by Harrison-Decima for Canadian Press want the CBC budget to be maintained or even increased.

gee. And we just had a column today by eminent broadcaster Norbert Cunningham that the budget should be slashed. And that would almost certainly be  his boss' opinion. The boss owns radio stations. So I wonder if those poll results will show up in the Nov. 11 issue of the TandT. My guess is no.

I'm still gagging over the performance of Irving and his trained seals as reported in today's story about how Irving is a champion of public schooling. Perhaps he could tell us more about his enthusiasm for public schooing. For example, what public schools did he go to? What public schools did he send his children to?

And if he's such a champion of public schools, why did he allow his newspapers to trash them in a vitriolic campaign?

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