Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No1: I tried. I really tried.

There was nothing to say about the Moncton Times and Transcript yesterday. The only part worth reading was Alec Bruce's column. The rest was drab and trivial. Of course, that's the whole purpose of the Irving media - to keep us all in ignorance of what's going on.

Today, there are two columns worth reading - Alec Bruce (I've never before seen a columnist who could produce such a well informed column every day)  - and Gwynn Dyer.

Shale gas hasn't been mentioned - even though there's a Texas mayor touring NB with warnings about how the development of shale gas destroyed the environment of his home town. Indeed, a mysterious sickness related to the drilling forced him and his family to move away.

There's no mention of the Occupy Moncton movement, though the more youthful of its supporters have shown a lot of determination and courage in maintaining their camp site.

There has been no mention of the police riot in Oakland, where police shot a peaceful protestor  (who turned out to be an Iraq veteran) with a tear gas canister that cracked his skull.  Plans are now underway for a massive stike in Oakland.

There is one, intriguing story - though it seems not to have occured to the news editor to look at its implications. A Canadian Moslem, on a pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, was arrested - seemingly for no reason -and severely beaten in the street, and then put in jail. Released today, he thanked the Islamic Human Rights Commission and the Canadian news media for helping him regain his freedom.

Think about that. What's intriguing is who he did NOT thank. He did not thank Mr. Harper or any member of Canada's government. Of course, not. They have a record of being highly tolerant of human rights abuses committed by our 'friends'. They will even hand over Canadians for torture.

With an American presidential election coming up, the TandT editors seem not to have noticed all the Republican candidates for party leadership advocating military domination of the world by the US. Several have said this is God's plan for the US - to dominate the world for the next century.

"The world.." includes Canada, by the way. There is some irony that we are about the celebrate the War of 1812 in which we fought off an American invasion, while at the same time we  send Canadians to die and to kill to help Americans dominate the world.

Domination developed over twenty years ago around a theory put forward by General Colin Powell.  He proposed overwhelming and indiscriminate force as a means fight short wars. The idea spread to business leaders like Dick Cheney, who enlarged it to a whole series of such wars to achieve world dominance, and who published their ideas on the web in the 1990s under the title, "Project fot the New American Century". Essentially, it called for quick action, using military power to gain economic dominance. Targets mentioned included Iraq, Iran and most of Africa. Look it up. It's still on the web. (Maybe they don't have internet at the TandT.)

The Project for the New American Century group dominated the Bush White House. That's why Bush attacked Iraq and Afghanistan. That's Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama has attacked Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan (and maybe Syria and Iran).

Alas! The great plan is proving expensive - and way behind schedule. That is what makes it necessary to call on Canada as a part of NATO to fight wars so Dick Cheney and friends can become even richer.

But the Moncton Times and Transcript helps us forget all these nasty things. It doesn't mention shale gas or poisoned rivers and air, or corporations that sell expensive power to NB Power - and then buy it back at cheaper prices. No. The big story today is about people getting sloshed (with dignity and decorum) at Wine Expo.

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