Saturday, October 22, 2011

Oct.22: Norbert Cunninham - thick as a brick

Young Norbert has ventured again in to the fields of history and politics - fields of which he knows nothing. Today, he gives his solutions to concerns about about our political system. Since he doesn't admit there is a problem in the first place, the solutions are pretty hare-brained.

First - the purpose of Occupy Moncton movement at this stage is to create awareness there is a a problem You can't cure a problem when someone as thick as Norbert can't even understand there is a problem.

The problem is that New Brunswick does not have a democracy. That is, the voters do not choose who will represent them. They choose MLAs who do what corporations tell them to do. That, Norbert, is not democracy.

That's surely not hard to understand, Norbert. Sigh. Except for you.

Secondly, the problem indicates the solution. Restore democracy. Get big money out of its control of our governments.

Thirdly, the solutions you suggest, Norbert, are childish. Direct democracy means we would have to vote for every law. So we would have to vote many times a week. Good luck on that. (It would also be horribly expensive.)

Then there's the problem of voters keeping up on all the details of all legislation - and its implications. That would take hours a day for each voter, often   going into specialized topics in which they have no training. And that doesn't begin to consider the weak level of literacy.

And where would they get their information? From you?

Direct democracy has been tried. Many times. Do some reading Norbert. It doesn't work.

Fourthly, Norbert says if we look back over our history, the voting public has been sane and trustworthy. Really?
They were sane and trustworthy when they voted for Brian Mulroney - though his character was obvious? When they voted for Duplessis in Quebec? For Shawn Graham in New Brunswick? Brian Alward? Ever hear of Bible Bill Aberhart in Alberta? And the list goes on.

Finally, Norbert says, "Nor would anybody be able to say (the people's vote? doesn't count."  Norbert, people are saying it. That's what the protest is about. It's about corporate interference in government. That's why the signs say Democracy Now.  Lord, Norbert, you are thick.

Brent Mazerolle provides a good example of how we refuse to see what is right in front of our eyes.
Mazerolle has no sympathy for the killing of Ghadaffi because Ghadaffi himself was a killer. And Mazerolle cites the explosion of a passenger airplane over Lockerbie.

Well,  there's no proof that Ghadaffi had any connection with that. And he and the US were staunch friends for decades after Lockerbie.

And if Mazerolle thinks its a good idea to kill mass killers, why doesn't he see the slaughter in Vietnam that killed anywhere from two to nine million, most of them civilians, children, babies - and is still killing them today with the chemical defoliants that still cover that land?  Why doesn't he see the 200,000 Maya slaughtered in Guatemala? Why doesn't he see the hundreds of innocent people killed by US drones? Why doesn't he see bodies falling from the sky in the case of a Cuban airliner bombed by a US agent?

We look at murders. But we see only the ones we want to see.

Oh, Isabelle Agnew, I really must disagree with you on how we shouldn't complain about our political system when things are worse in other countries. What things are like in other countries has nothing to do with it. If you had to move into an igloo at the north pole for the rest of your life, would you accept it without complaining because some people have to endure hot climates?

If your car isn't working properly, should you just leave it that way because other people don't have cars  at all?

If you have to walk to school all through the winter with no coat or even sweater, would you just not worry about it? After all, millions of people don't have adequate clothing.

If you don't have democracy, do you just shrug your shoulders because China doesn't have it, either?

Was the American revolution wrong because most countries didn't have democracies?

Were we wrong to get medicare when most people in the world have no access to care at all?

For that matter, should we have schools when so many millions don't have them?

Careful. Get into that kind of thinking, and you might become an editor of The Moncton Times and Tribune.


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  2. The readership is actually much highter. It's now 9a.m., and I'm close to 50 readers already.
    But New Brunswickers are a fearful people. There's a fear that runs down even the home and school and daily conversation.
    That's why I'm surprised at the strength of support for occupation Moncton.

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  4. easy. Just to the right of the column is a set of pictures. Over it is a small, blue rectangle that says join here, or something like that. Just put the arrow on it, and click.