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Oct, 8: The meaning of nothing

Another night before.the blog.
A reader, who liked The First Casualty, asked for another book. Try Walter Benn Nichols, The Trouble with Diversity. It's about the way we ignore economic class differences, and pretend they don't exist. It's has a particularly good chapter - 3 - on what a fraud standardized tests and shool rankings are. (This is the system that the Atlantic Institute of Marketing  foisted on a weak-minded and doormat Liberal government. It has done enormous damage in the US, and will certainly do so here.)

Ever notice that The Moncton Times and Tribune is one of the very few daily newspapers not to have a book review section? How's that for encouraging literacy?

I should also have mentioned a web site for New Brunswickers -
It's good stuff.

What will the TandT not have in its news for October 8?

1. Mr. Romney, top candidate for the Republican leadership, publicly announced that God wants the US to dominae the world. For that reason, he would increase defence spending (and cut social assistance.) If you google Project for the New American Century, you will find a statement issued by Jeb Bush, Dick Cheney and others some fifteen years ago that says exactly the same thing. (When Hitler said something similar, he was called a dangerous maniac.  So he was.)
2. The Occupy Wall Street movement is growing rapidly in New York city, and has spread to at least 160 other American cities. The police are getting tough. But it's getting too big to handle. Watch for the military.
3. Harper signed an agreement just before the election to send Canadian troops to the US if asked for them to maintain social order. Obama could be asking soon. (He doesn't need legilative approval to use foreign troops against Americans.) Will the TandT mention this? Not likely. They never mentioned the story when the deal was signed.
4. The most significant thing about the Ontario provincial election was the turnout. It was under 50%, a record.  That indicates a sick democracy with an angry and disillusioned population. We might need our troops here. Will the TandT notice the turnout as something worth thinking about?
5. On Friday, an American general told the press that the US is only half way to meeting its objectives in Afghanistan. Ten years. Nobody knows how many dead, most of them civilians. What he means is it's over. We lost. The most powerful and technologically advanced country in the world cannot beat a small and impoverished nation of hill farmers. That's not a good sign for a nation that God has told to conquer the world. And guess whichneighbour  will be told to help a US president in carrying out God's work. And guess which Prime Minister will say yes.
6. Premier Alward has declared war on the people he said he would listen to. Shale gas drilling has resumed with heavy police protection. Your tax dollars at work.
And there's no sign of anything resembling adequate regulation (or of enforcement of any puny ones that exist.)
7. How about a report on exactly what happened to the aid we sent to Haiti. The US has only sent half what it promised - and vitually none of it has reached the Haitians.  It has gone to private contractors in the US, and now rests in tax-free offshore havens. The people who were in tents without food or clean water or sewage or housing are still in tents without food or clearn water or seewage or housing.
So what happened to our money?

...and so to bed.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A perfect score for the times and transcript. Nothing got mentioned. And I could easily have added at least two more. Despite telling us it would inform us on fracking, the TandT ignored at least two, big stories.  New York doctors have warned the state governor about the health dangers posed by shale gas drilling.

As well, Texas has  severely limited the use of fresh water in drlling because it is so heavy it will soon lead to severe shortages even of drinking water.

I couldn't find a news story worth reading. The one on Libya still carries the version that Ghadaffi loyalists are the ones holding out in Sirte. Evacuees say the fighters are local residents, terrified of the rebel record of rape, pillage and killing.

And we are still left with the obvious question. How come the rebel forces, who easily defeated the Ghadaffi army across Libya, can't take a city half the size of Moncton? The answer is they didn't defeat the Ghadaffi army. It was carpet bombing that did it. We will never be told the civilian death toll. But it must be quite horrible.

On the front page, I see school districts are going to have to share services. Well, y'gotta make cuts somewhere, I mean, if we don't, how will we be able to borrow hundreds of millions of dollars for a hockey rink and a football field?  Some day, our children will thank us.

There is nothing on the editorial page.

The op ed page has the usual, pre-adolescent insights of Brent Mazerolle.( fire alarms are good.)

In Whatever, p. F3, is a remarkably adult column by Isabelle Agnew. I'm mot sure I agree with her. But it's challenging and thought-provoking. (It's about polygamy.)

Oh, I forget. The Occupy Wall Street movement - which has been given less space in the TandT than the news that Mountain road traffic will be cut to one one lane - has now spread to at 160 US cities. By Oct. 15, similar demonstrations are planned for almost all of North and South America, all of Europe, large parts of Africa, and parts of Asia.

But don't worry about it. The whole world has its eyes on Moncton which is hosting the East Coast Music Awards Gala at the Casino. (Front Page). Talk about rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

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  1. A great column in a much-needed blog! I really like the idea of predicting what really interesting stuff will NOT get mentioned! What would be nice are some links in your predictions to places on the web where we can read about those things.