Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oct. 4: The TandT has noticed (barely) the Wall st. demonstration.

It's on the "Your Business" page. It's under a much more important story about a massage therapist who has opened on office in Dieppe. (free ad - just like the rock concerts, football game, casino, etc.)

There's no story about the demonstration, just a picture of a policeman arresting a young woman. There is no mention of the size of the demonstration, how long it has been going on, what it is for - except that it is about greed and "other things". As for the arrests, well, they were "mass" arrests. There was no number given, even though the numbers have beeen available daily from the start.

Nor is there any mention that the protest has spread to dozens of American cities, and will be breaking out in Canada and all over Europe starting Oct. 15. Do journalists at the TandT make up the news simply by studying their own bellybuttons?

In the ten years the testing for the shale gas has gone on, neither the government nor BrunwsickMedia released any credible statement on what fracking is all about. There has been no mention of  the bans or moratoria all over the world, There has been no publication of opinions from reputable experts in the field.

Instead, we have been treated to propaganda from the hacks at Atlantic Institute for Market Studies, and from one UdeMoncton prof who knows nothing about it. So it seems exciting (front page) that premier Alward is going to dialogue with us about it.

But how can we dialogue? In ten years, we haven't been given any information. Mr. Alward has already placed himself on the side of fracking and, in any case, he has now shown that he will do anything to kiss up to the frackers. How do you have a dialogue between a public which has no information and a premier who doesn't 'have any, either?

What we need is a moratorium on fracking until we can assemble a team of authorities to give us the information to duscuss. (And,no, I don't think a professor of government from UdeMoncton would be a suitable authority.Nor would I trust any group assembled by this government.)

Perhaps, though, the managing editor could slip a handful of quarters into the slot,dial a number, and find out why so many jurisdictions have either banned fracking outright, or have placed moratoria on it. Or he could use google.

Moncton City Council plans to put aside some millions to prepare for spending over a hundred million on a hockey rink (plus other stuff), This is their top priority as the world slips deeper into a recession which is predicted to last for years, and which gives every sign of becoming a depression. We are also watching American society crumbling as that country plunges futher into its combination of war and recession. Great sense of timing, guys!

It reminds me of a basement, just a basement, near my childhood home in Montreal. It was the basement of Holy Family Church. Begun just before the great depression, there was no money to finish it. When, twenty years later, there was money, there was no longer a congregation. The basement was sold, and now sits under the Montreal Chinese Hospital.

Maybe we can make money out of the ruins of our uncompleted hockey rink. It could draw tourists from South America and Asia who would be interested in the remains of our civilization.

The editorial, as usual, is inane. It congratulates premier Alward  for supporting Harper's idea of an elected Senate. I have already commented on this idea yesterday. It is an idea that has been studied for a good forty years. Just about anybody who studied it said it won't work.

The editorial says Mr. Alward is showing leadershhip. I don't think so. Shouting "Me,too." is not a sign of leadership. Mr. Alward is simply playing his usual role of doormat, this time for Mr. Harper.

The editorial cartoon says it all. It's a picture of Harper as a knight on a horse. With Alward sitting behind him on the horse's ass.

There is a superb column by Alex Bruce.

Interesting letter to the editor that we should all be required to sing O Canada before a movie at the theatre. It would build patriotism.  There is a problem, though. Studies have shown that a majority of Canadians don't know the words. Perhaps we could make not knowing the words a criminal offence, and have police stationed in the theatres to ticket people who either aren't singing or are just faking the words.

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