Monday, October 3, 2011

Oct. 3: Did you know that....."

There were over 700 arrests at a demonstration in New York against the wealthy and powerful 1% who own most of the wealth in the United States? Did you know it was a demonstration against the wealthy who buy governments?Did you know that the protests have spread to some fifty cities? Did you know that similar demonstations are being planned across Canada for this month? Did you know these are not just two hour shows. The demonstrators are actually occupying areas day after day and overnight all over the US.  You didn't know?

That's because you read The Moncton Times and Tribune. It was big news in the Vancouver Sun, Globe and Mail, papers across Europe and Asia. The lead story in the TandT   is the usual small town boosterism "FIFA wowed by Metro".  Right. The whole world is just going gaga over Moncton.

For comic relief, there is a story that Alward supports the idea of NB having an elected federal senator to be a voice for the province.

Come off it. New Brunswickers don't even have a voice in their own provincial government. Besides, David, now think hard. If the Senate becomes more powerful, where will that power come from?

The only place it can come from is the House of Commons. In other words (are you still thinking hard, David?), if we gain power in the Senate, it will be because we lost it in the Commons.

Despite promises to inform us about fracking, neither the government nor BrunswickMedia have told us much of anything. We hear we are going to get information videos. Whoopee1 That will be as good as an infomercial.

The reality is that the government and the TandT have kept silent on the issue for over ten years. On the rare occasions they report something, the report is either propaganda or that very rare occasion when it will mention a demonstratrion - and hint that all opposed to fracking are vandals and goons.

Why is there no report what is going on in Penobsquis? Why no mention of many other incdents in the province?? When they give estimates of royalities, why don't they tell us that the royalty payments here will be the lowest North America?  Why don't they tell about the reports in American papers that say shale gas is not going to be the big success it was predicted to be?

In short, why don't they tell us New Brunswick is being bled dry just as the US has been with over 50 million Americans now living on food stamps.   

In this world of collapsing economies, the "Your Investments" page had a big picture of the British primie minister. visitng a media studio. The only text is that the euro-zone economic crisis is a threat to the whole world economy. Now, if your were an editor of a business page.....

Do you think we need to be told that there is a crisis on? And what does the picture of a man in a suit leaning on a rail do to give the story meaning? It'sa prime example of the lack of journalistic ability and even of common sense that characterizes the Moncton TandT.

  There is really nothing is the paper worth reading today - except possibly a letter to the editor from a reader who says laziness is what causes poverty. I remember my mother used to say that. It taught me an important lesson. That's how I learned the great depression was caused by a sudden wave of laziness that swept the world. That's why people in Somalia are starving to death. They're just lazy.
The recession was caused by laziness - like a sort of flu.  I like that. It's a clear explanation.

Of course, maybe all that stuff was caused by greed.

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