Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oct. 26:Flash: Wine Fest in on. The news YOU need to know

Not one of the major world stories I mentioned in my last post made it into the TandT. The one story that came close (but not very) was a story that NATO would be pulling out of Libya. In fact, that story was wrong even as they printed it. NATO had already voted to extend its stay at least for three months, and probably much longer. Anybody with half a brain could have figured that out long ago.
There is nothing else worth reading in section A unless you really, really care about the wine expo.

There wasn't much news in news today unless you super keen to read three pages of small print on the finishing time for each person in the Legs for Literacy race.

The lead story (and almost the only one) in NewsToday is that the feds are going to end the gun registry. (Duh. Who would have guessed?)

The editorials are the usual bozo efforts.

Norbert writes a self-righteous and borderline lout column when he justifies the killing of Ghadaffi. He may now be panting at the the torture videos I listed, including the one showing the sexual attack on Ghadaffi with a knife.

It's okay says Norbert. Ghadiffi deserved it. Trials are a waste of time and money. Fortunately, we didn't think so at Nuremberg. And if Ghadaffi deserved what he got, how come he and the British and the French and the US governments were buddies for thirty years? Just like Saddam. They didn't know he was torturing and killing people?

And if we don't need trials, how about Norbert leading a campaign to assassinate Bush,  Obama and Blair for mass murder, torture, imprisonment without  charge or trial... All of those are illegal under US, Canadian, and International law - you know, the same laws we use against terrorists.

Hang 'em high Norbert. You would have loved lynch mobs down in Dixie. What a self-rightous twit!

Excellent column by Alec Bruce on how every authority on crime in the world says Harper's crime bill is expremely expensive, unnecessary, and likely to create more crime. But Harper already knows that.
Harper has two kinds of legilation. One is to effectively destroy the power of government to control corporations, while at the same time cutting back on services and destroying freedoms. The other kind is to play to the gullible by putting up pictures of the Queen, and fighting a crime wave that doesn't exist.

Brian Cormier's column is just dumb. Following the formula of pretending to agree with Occupy Moncton, he then produces an alternate tactic. Brian just won't shop at the big corporations.

Right. He'll stop buying gas at Irving.  (Where does he think other stations get their gas?) He'll stop  writing for (and buying) coporation-owned newspapers. He'll stop watching television and listening to radio. He won't ever buy a car again. Seeing that both Liberals and Conservatives are owned by corporations, he'll stop paying taxes. Oh, and he'll keep all his money under his bed so he doesn't have to deal with banks.

And wouldn't it be wonderful if we all sat back and took responsibility for our own actions? Damn right. It's my own fault my first job was in a factory and at minium wage and went to high school at night, just to get a job as a clerk. James Irving didn't do that. No. By his own hard work, he went to high school at night, then worked his way up the ladder at Irving just like anybody else could have.

Brian. Go away.  Just...go away.


  1. Selon moi, Brian Cormier est l'un des pires chroniqueurs aux Times..

  2. I was at one point somewhat hesitant against the protests until I heard a report about the XL pipeline. A canadian corporation wants to pass the pipeline on a piece of farmland owned by an american rancher. They were only willing to pay him 13 000$ for a few acres of land, and certainly not willing to pay for eventual consequences. I then understood the meaning of the protests. Go check out the report, it was part of CBC's The Current.

  3. presque toute la gang sont pire.