Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oct. 25: So - what did the Tand T miss?

This is one I'm starting on the evening of Oct. 24. What will the TandT NOT report tomorrow? Try these:
1. According to a study at Cornell University, 40% of all the wealth in the world is held by 147 corporations, all of them linked to each other. Among the leaders are Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase and Barclay's Bank. Make it a thousand corporations - mostly linked to each other - and it becomes a large majority of all the wealth in the world.
These are the people who control our governments and our lives. That's what Occupy Moncton and Democracy Now are about.
Check out the story on the web. Google The Mark, an independent site carrying political commentary.You'll find The Mark generally quite interesting.
You can get the original by googling New Scientist.

2. The rebel leaders have declared Libya will officially be a Moslem nation. Well, gee, this is the country that Harper has just welcomed as being a democracy. If they are a democracy, shouldn't they have an election , and let elected representatives decide what kind of a nation it should be? And then maybe a referendum on the constitution that will make it officially Moslem?

The TandT will mention the Moslem nation part; but I'll bet it won't raise the obvious question about its democracy.

3. There is going to be a tax on US border crossings of $5.50. Obama is also urging Americans to Buy American. I don't think even the TandT can avoid mentioning the border tax. But will it mention that we are supposed to be in a free trade deal with the US? Haven't we been sold the idea that free trade is the only civilized way to go? Will the TandT raise any question about why the nation which has preached free trade for decades as the great gospel, and has even forced it on some countries is now backing off with border fees and Buy American campaigns?

4. Will it mention that Private Manning, the one who blew the whistle on American governments  lying about their wars and other activities- (he's the one who got the documents from Wikileaks so that we could know what's happening) - is in in an American military prison - in solitary (a form of torture) - and that UN inspectors have been refused permission to see him?
Let's hear it for the land of the free, the land where the people have a right to know..
This is also the land of respect for private property and money - in which banks and other financial insitutions  have blocked 95% of the donations to Wikileaks from being delivered.

5. Will it mention that the reason US troops in Iraq are going home for Christmas is not because of Obama? It's because Iraq is kicking them out.  And the people and government of Iraq are moving closer to Iran.
Gee! And all that cost the US was something over a trillion dollars, and thousands of American and British lives lost. (But don't worry. Both Bush and Blair were not at all hurt in the war, and both are financially very secure - unlike the veterans.)  Blair is the first prime minister of Britain to become a multimillionaire while in public service..

6. Scientific researchers at Cornell have concluced that gasses released in drilling for shale gas do even more damage to the environment than coal does. They say virtually all wells leak these gasses, and in large quantities.  You'll have to check it out on CBC News. The TandT editors don't know how to turn on dials.


Well, now it's Oct 25 - and let's see. Oh, I think it's a perfect score. Yes, it is a perfect score. They said what said they would say. And didn't say what I said they wouldn't say.

Gee! In New Brunswick especially, wouldn't the shale gas story have a local interest? And wouldn't the story about corporate wealth have some importance, what with Occupy Moncton being on (though also not reported?) I mean, didn't Alward and Brunswick Media promise to keep us informed?

But there is a big story that leads the front page. The Wine Expo is looking like a huge success so hurry, hurry, hurry to buy tickets. They even tell where to write in order to get your ticket. So hurry. Write now to wine-expo.ca, and tell them where to put it.

There's nothing much else in the paper - unless you collect spelling mistakes. There are two, magnificent ones in Life and Times, p. D1, in captions under photos of Steve Patterson and Matt Kirshen.

The eidtorial page is worth reading only for Alec Bruce - as  he points out the idiocy of the economic solutions being poposed by Harper and Alward. Making rich people richer and the poor poorer does not create jobs. We learned that in the 1930s. If 99% of us are poorer, who is going to buy the stuff produced by the 1%?

Gwynne Dyer has an interesting column - not an analysis, but rather questions to think about..

Allan Cochrane has his usual irrelevant and trivial column. What can I say?


  1. Frankly, I think you give Mr. Cochrane too much credit!!!!

  2. Always be kind to the poor and the halt and the intellectually differently advantaged.

  3. Graeme, you really shouldn't talk about spelling mistakes