Tuesday, October 25, 2011

oct. 25: postscript: What won't be in the Times and Transcript tomorrow

1. American drone rocket launchers are now being used to attack Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya, and Iraq. (I think that's called war - and you are really supposed, under the US constitution, to get approval for that. Under international law, you're supposed to go to war only on countries that have threatened you. When did Yeman and Somalia and Iraq and Libya and Pakistan last threaten the US?)
Thoough supposedly aimed at terrorists, drone rockets have killed mostly quite innocent people.
Google The European Union Times.online for the story - and many others.
2. Go to youtube. Type violence at occupy melbourne. Watch a police riot on hundreds of videos.
3. On a recent visit to Canada, Bush was confronted with hundreds of people demanding his arrest for war crimes. It didn't appear in the TandT when it happened - and it won't appear tomorrow. Maybe AIMS will invite him to speak in Moncton, just as they invited his even more obnoxious brother Jed Bush to speak to Irvings and their friends. (Jed is one of the authors of the Project for the new American Century, the plan for world domination. You can see that by googling Project for the New American Century.
google PressTV.
4. If you have the stomach, go to www.globalpost.com where you can watch videos of a captured Ghadaffi being sodomized with a knife by rebels (the guys on our side.)
5. US senator Bernie Sanders has a report that American governments just in the past ten years have been routinely defrauded by defence contractors for a trillion dollars. They include major contractors. And they still get government contracts, anyway.  check http://abcnews.go.com/International/story?id=82296&page=
 6.The US has, for the twentieth time in twenty years been condemned by the UN General Assembly for its economic blockade of Cuba.However, the TandT didn't mention it the last nineteen, so I don't think it will this time, either.

There's lots of others. But that should be a good start.
Oh, by the way, the "democratic" government of Afghanistan says it cannot afford to pay for its army after 2014. So the rest of us will have to pick up the tab.
Oh, and did you know the Candian Army (sorry - Royal Canadian Army) is spying on native peoples in Canada?

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