Monday, October 24, 2011

Oct. 24: Not much here - but some of it good.

Pretty good report by Allison TooGood. on the Occupy Moncton protest. (p. A3). It made some mention of the protestors voting for a series of proposals for change. She even reported a statement by an "older man identified only as Graham", who told the protestors to be careful of how they present these proposals to the press because it will look for details to confuse the issue and discredit the movement.. He stressed the importance or rememmbering that nothing can be done until we get democracy. The point of the proposals is not that they should be done - but that these are things we should be looking at. But we can't look at them and seriously consider them when we don't have a democracy and, therefore, don't have any hope they could be passed.

Hint for someone who seems to have the stuff to be a good journalist. If you don't know a speaker's name, then ask him. He would have told you it's not Graham.  It's Graeme.  Graeme Decarie.

There's almost nothing in NewsToday. There's a story on Libya; but no mention of the UN discovery of a pile of bodies in Sirte which seem to be those of prisoners who were shot after they surrendered. (That's illegal.)  They were killed by our side, the "good" guys.

The editorial is hilarious.  For example, "This government has a proven track record for finding out what people want, and then acting on it."

Apparently the government is now going to set up a task force to improve French immiersion teaching.. Look, Alward. there are successful immersion programmes running all over Canada. Why don't you just look at some of them>

Better still - you have a school system with large numbers of teachers who are trained in language immersion, and who already know about the systems across Canada. Why the hell don't you just get you incompetent self out of the way and let them do it?

Alec Bruce is at his combatant best. Hang in there for the last sentence.   (But don't spoil it by cheating, and looking at the last sentence first.)

So what was missing?

Well, John Bolton (a far, far right nutbar and war hawk) said on Fox News that ALL the American wars in the middle east and Africa have been fought for only one reason - to get control of oil at cheap prices. (That means thousands of Americans did not die to protect America or because Saddam had WMDs or to protect Libyans. They died to make oil billionaires even richer.)

To watch the interview, go to Youtube, and type in John bolton admits.  While you're at it, check out all the Bolton interviews. While you watch them, remember that John Bolton was Bush's ambassador to the UN, and a major figure in the planning of Project for the New American Century in which the US was to conquer the world. John Bolton is what Hitler looks like in this year of 2011.

Yesterday, CBC reported a study by Cornell University scientists showing that shale gas is a far worse polluter even than coal. I guess TandT editors don't watch CBC.

The former mayor of a town in Texas spoke in Fredericton. He told how fracking for shale gas had so damaged the air quality that illnesses skyrocketed. His own family was forced to move away in order to recover. The government reps at the talk giggled.  CBC had the story. The Times doesn't.

The US is withdrawing all its troops from Iraq to have them home for Christmas? M-m-m-m, sort of.

The US embassy, a fortress in  Baghdad that is the largest embassy in the world, will see its staff rise from 5,000 to 15,000. Most of that rise will consist of "private contractors" - a code name for mercenary soldiers. So the occupation of Iraq goes on - along with the sacrifice of more lives to keep oil under the control of American billionaires.

To keep up on the news, add CBC to your news sites. It's excellent.

And remember, it's not Graham. It's GRAEME, the civilized and Scottish spelling.

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