Friday, October 21, 2011

Oct. 21: late at night.

The hardest things to see are those that are right in front of our eyes.

When I started teaching Canadian history, I was amazed at the number of students who thought that Canada had helped Jews in the second world war. In fact, Canada was as anti-semitic as Germany was. So was the US. In fact, both Canada and the US of that period were extremely racist - anti--Jews, anti-orientals, anti Africans, you name it. That was particularly true in government and among economic leaders. In fact, they admired and supported Hitler, some of them even after 1939.

When Canadian prime minister Mackenzie-King met Hitler in 1937, well after it was well known what Hitler was doing to GermansJews, he wrote in his diary that Hitler reminded him of Joan of Arc. True. Check out the Mackenzie King diaries at the library. Or just google Mackenzie King meets Hitler.

Canada and the US, in fact, refused to accept Jews who escaped from Germany, even during and for several years after the war. That sort of anti-semitism and racism was openly applauded among the rich at least into the 1960s.

Google US military women raped. One-third of all women in the US military get raped by US servicemen. You'll find those figures in several quite respectable sources.

In 2010, the annual income of half of all American workers dropped to $26,000.  The number of millionaires increased by 20%.  That appears in The Atlantic Monthly - certainly no radical magazine.

Google - Mitt Romney God US dominate. You'll see thousands of references to this leading Republican - probably their next candidate for president - who says God created the US to dominate the world. (That includes Canada). In fact, all the Republican contenders have publicly said that. That's a declaration of World War Three.  for that matter  -

google Project new american century. Here's a document that calls on the US to use its military power to dominate the world. It even suggests some of the countries to be invaded. (And they have been.) It is signed by people like Jed Bush (George's brother).  It was written years before 9/11.

Google general wesley clark. He's the man who was supreme commander of NATO in Europe. Check out the sites in which he says the invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and many other countries were planned BEFORE 9/11.

Check out the online el haaretz, a superb Israeli newspaper.

Check Alhaaretz, a news system that is beginning to look like the Moncton Times and Transcript because it wants to get into the North American market. But you can still find news that never makes North American news outlets.

Google US drone deaths children.  Drones are remote contolled bombers that have been used by the US since 2003. In Pakistan, at least 168 children have been killed by them. (You might also want to check out civilian and child deaths in Yemen and Somalia.)

Google Irving Atlantic Institute of Market Studies. Gee! There's a connection. Don't google to find where AIMS gets its funding, though.  That's a secret.

Funny how this never appears in the TandT.  Tak a look at them. The sources are pretty good.
But you won't believe them, will you? And if you do, you still, almost certainly, will  not believe what these figures tell us about the world and our place in it.

It's human. We see everything - except what is real and in front of our eyes.

The reality is that we are in World War Three. We've been in it for over ten years. Because God wants the US to dominate the world. And, no, Obama is no different from Bush. Nor is Harper. And. in his petty way, neither is New Brunswick's what's-his-name premier.

There's still time to see reality.  Just type out what you want to know. Wonderful thing, google. Pity the TandT never uses it.

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