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Oct. 21: Blatant ignorance from Norbert Cunningham, TandT columnist

Norbert, will you please get a dictionary? As it is, you're making Rod Allan look look almost ready for toilet training.

You attack the Democracy Now movement on the grounds that democracy is not an economic system. Nobody has ever claimed that it is. Sheesh! where does the TandT find its staff?

Norbert say Plutocracy is government by the elite - by the rich, and it excludes the vast majority of the people? Well, geegollywhiz, Norbert, you got that right. Now think hard.

Can you name a province in which government ignores the wishes of the people by encouraging, say, fracking?  A government that caters to the very rich with tax benefits and subsidies? In which the very rich have formed a committee to dictate the government's budget?  In which a very rich man has announced he is a member of the government - without getting elected? And the doormat premier accepts that without a whimper?  In which all the newspapers are controlled by the very rich? In which goveronment cuts spending for education, for medical care, for the poor - while giving big business freedom from royalties for years and maintains some of the lowest income taxes in the world for the rich?

Hint, Norbert. It's two words. The first one starts with N.

And that, as you say, is what plutocracy means.

Norbert says Harper has proven he is not controlled by a plutocracy because he has not killed medicare,
1. We don't know that, do we? He just got a majority.
2. Any killing of medicare would begin with gradual reductions.
3. who do you think gives Harper his campaign funds? Widows and orphans?
4. Ever notice how politicians who play ball (Mulroney, McKenna, and many others) slip into high paying jobs in private business, and into plush directorships?

Norbert says "Capitalism" is dependent on individual freedom, and it requires a free society"? Really? Is that why capitalism invaded Congo, killed and tortured people in the millions, killed the only elected leader Congo ever had, and still runs a country of poverty, fear, and early death?

Is that why US capitalism invaded Guatemala, overthrew the elected government, then murdered 200,000 of the native peoples?

Is that  why the US has sponsored dictatorships all over the world, especially in Latin America? Is that why it keeps Haiti in poverty - and why it exiled the only popular and elected leader Haiti ever had? Is that why British capitalism fought the Boer War - after which it plundered South African gold and reduced the native population to less than slaves?

"Plutocracy .....keeps... the vast majority of the wealth to a few".

Norbert - what the hell do you think is going on in New Brunswick. And all over North America? Have you heard of the wage gap?  Hello, Norbert, can you hear through your bubble?

Norbert says, "Very few dictatorships, totalitarian regimes" have adopted capitalism"?

Are you really that stupid Norbert?. Almost ALL totalitarian regimes in the world have adopted capitalism. China, the biggest totalitarian regime in history has adopted capitalism. (And China is not moving toward democracy. Nor does capitalism want it to.) The US imposed dictators on most of Central America to force capitalism on it. It supports a hopelessly corrupt, hated, and illegally elected regime in Afghanistan for the same reason.

Norbert says that the countries which are "democracies" have the world's highest living standards?  Yes. And no.
First - western countries have high living standards because they have, for five centuries, been able to control the rest of the world militarily to plunder its resources and cheap labour. That's why two million Haitians are still living in tents without drinking water or sewage - and have one of  the world's lowest standards of living.

I don't have time to teach you history, Norbert, that period of military and economic power is dying fast. We are living through the fall of the western empires. And, though you may not have noticed, it is accompanied by the rapid collapse of western capitalism.

Norbert say socialism has failed miserably. Oh? Do you know what socialism is, Norbert? No, neither Russia nor China was ever socialist - or communist, for that matter. You don't seem to know the meaning of those two words, either.

Canada had a CCF government in Saskatchewan for many years. Tommy Douglas was a soclialist.  It not only ran a province with a balanced budget, but business prospered, and Canada's major social programmes like medicare were established. (If you take the trouble to check the history of Canada and the US, you'll find that "conservative" governments have been the biggest spenders, by far.)

Sweden is generally considered socialist - though much of its business is capitalist. Is Sweden a failure? Is it lacking freedom?  Britain was socialist after the war. That's when it got medicare. Was Britain a dictatorship?

Norbert says a plutocracy would not tolerate a movement such as Democracy Now Norbert, you don't know your history, either, do you? Plutocracies begin by letting such protests go on. In the first stage, they tell their news services not to report them. (Think back on the record of the TandT on Occupy Wall St. ) Then a plutocracy gets its hacks like you to attack them and to trivialize them. And if that doesn't work, they use force. - usually by planting hired thugs in the crowd to start fights. Read up on the Winnipeg General Strike, the Veteran's march on Washington in the depression, the uses of the Canadian militia up to the 1920s. (They were essentially strrike breakers.)

Norbert, you appear to be hopelessly ignorant of even the meanings of the words you use. You seem to be ignorant of both history and current events. And you absence of logic is appalling.

Norbert says, if our economic system is wrong, we can change it with democracy.  Norbert, what fundamentally needs fixing is our democracy. And you can't fix the economic system until you fix that.

Look, I am  not an ist of any sort. I do not believe in any economic system as the only valid one, a sort of holy grail. All can work. They depend on the needs of the society, the stage of its development.....
All can fail. That's because all are operated by people - and people and people have been know to be greedy, destructive, uncaring - all the rest.

I don't believe in any ism as something that is always right or always wrong.

My outlook on current events is essentially a religious one.  (No. that does not mean I think being gay is a sin. I leave that to "pretend" Christians.) I think Christianity, like many religions, is essentially practical. They are designed not simply to make us "good" but to make the maintenance of a society possible. Loving they neighbour, forgiving, not coveting are not just sacred mumblings. They are very practical guides to how a society must work if it is to succeed.

Our capitalism, like Soviet communism, like German Naziism doesn't give a damn for its neighbour, never forgives, and is based on coveting. We need a society with a moral basis. We don't have a moral basis - nor do our churches seem particularly interested in establishing one.

We  need a democracy. For that, I think we need news media that don't exist to spread lies, ignorance and hate propaganda. We need to have a capitalism that obeys the law, not one that makes up the law to please itself.

Norbert, you need to think this through from a moral basis. Do you have one?

Sorry to spend so much time on ust one part of a bad paper.  If you want to get some truth about what is going on in Libya and what is likely to happen, skip the TandT. Go to google news, and try the BBC story on it. (I'll just add one bit to it. The war in Libya is the first step in a war to dominate all of Africa. Yemen and Somalia are next. They are already being bombed by drones. Maybe someday the TandT will tell  you about it.)

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