Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oct. 20: Sometimes it's disgusting; sometimes stomach-churning

 Irving wins $25B ship contract. Quelle surprise. It will bring economic spinoffs to NB. No doubt.

It was won, says Mr. Irving (call me Jim), "Fair and square".  What a curious statement! Are  our federal government and Irving industries normally so crooked that they have to make a public announcement when they do something fair and square?

Anyway, it is not likely that anyone with an IQ over forty will believe him.

Who's paying for it? You. This is all tax money, remember? And the Irvings of this world don't pay much of it.

What will you get? A job so you can pay the rent for a few more years.What will Mr. Irving and his senior executives get? Billions. Of your money.

Meanwhile, jobs and services will be cut in rural health services. We're also cutting social welfare spending on native peoples who are the poorest in Canada. (Gotta save money so we can spend it on Irving and his executives.)

Then comes the stomach-churning part. In NewsToday, the rebels still have not taken Sirte. But Reuters news service has still no account of what is happening in the city. We have no sense of what it is we are doing there. Rebels say that the people shooting at them are soldiers wearing civilian clothes. Oh. If they're wearing civilian clothes, isn't it at least possible they are civilians? And that they are fighting so hard to hold off------this-----

Switch from Reuters. Go to BBC. They report that over a month of heavy bombing and shellfire has hit just about every building in Sirte. Commonly, whole blocks have been levelled. Water supplies and sewage have been destroyed. Schools have been bombed. Medical supplies have been cut off from the start. When some medical aid got through the blockade, the hospital was bombed to destroy it.

There were over a hundred thousand people in Sirte. By now, the dead and wounded must total at least half that. There are babies splattered on the walls that remain standing. That's the work of bombers commanded by an officer of our own Royal Canadian Air Force.

It makes me so proud to be a Canadian.

Meanwhile, the rebels are breaking into houses that still have doors, raping, murdering and stealing. Then they set fire to the houses. Lines of trucks loaded with plunder have been leaving the city.

Who is defending Sirte so courageously? It could be Ghadaffi soliders. They're black, and the rebels are killing ever black they see - men, women, children, impoverished field labourers. Or the defenders  could be civilians defending their city because they know what will happen if they don't.

Thank you, Mr. Harper, for insisting our air force share this experience. Thank you for making us accomplices.

Thank you, Moncton Times, for having a news editor who couldn't find his own bellybutton using both hands.

Alec Bruce's column is a shocker. This is a must read.

Norbert Cunninghan doesn't know what he's talking about. He claims that, protestors to the contrary,  we do have a democracy, and the problem is that the people who protest are the ones who ruin it by not voting.

Norbert, You're either completely clueless, or half clueless and half dishonest.

For openers, I go to the protests. I am not a university student - nor an aging hippie. I have voted in every election I could. The majority of the protesters are more like me than the people you describe. They are people who do vote. And who have learned their vote doesn't count.

(And Nobert, please stop using words like left and right, liberal and conservative until you learn what they mean. Very few people have the faintest idea what left and right mean. Ditto for liberal and conservative.)

Yes, we do have "democracies" in North American and Europe - and people do vote to choose them. But, in a democracy, the elected people do what the voters indicate they want done. You cannot be so stupid as to live in the province of New Brunswick, and believe that Shawn Graham and doormat Alward have been doing what the people asked them to do.

You cannot be so stupid as to believe that Mr. Irving that Mr. Irving does not play a heavy hand in government - especially when he wrote just months ago that he was (illegitimately) a part of the government. He wrote it on a page that you edited, Mr. Cunningham.

Irving has now formed a committee of his own appointees that will "advise" the government on budgetary matters. Alward has officially recognized the committee, and given it full access to the minister of finance. That is so improper that in Britain the Minister of Defence has had to resign for doing that sort of thing. It is even possible he could face criminal charges. I have no reason to hope that our own Finance Minister will have the inegrity to do the same thing.

Norbert, your column is ignorant.

Tell you what, Norbert, I have a current events group at the Moncton Public Library, 7 pm, on the first Tuesday evening of each month. For Novemember, that is Nov.1. (It's the event your weekly events page consistenly refuses to list.)

Why don't you come along, and bring your news editor and all the other top wretches of your wretched paper, and we can have opportunity for a full debate?  (I would particularly love to debate Rod Allen. His column, as usual,is both ignorant and trash. He really should find a dictionary, look up democracy, and get somebody to read it to him.)

Of course, I would have an advantage in a debate. I have spent a lifetime of teaching Canadian history in a university. You and your staff seem to have spend a lifetime guessing where irving industries would like to be kissed each day.

Solid column by Jody Dallaire.

ThisWeek has only one event listed for Moncton. Of the section's  six pages, five are ads.

The listed even is a gala ball, tuxedos, etc.  to raise money for a school in Haiti. Charity balls are a wonderful display of Christian caring. Millionaire's wives spend thousands on new gowns to get their pictures taken for a two page display of groups of millionaires in tuxes and gowns smiling at the photographer for us peasants to ooooh about. In all, a hundred thousand or more - probably much more - will be spent to raise a fraction of that for a charity. It would be far cheaper and more efficient for us simply to tax them a little more.

Mila Mulroney was very big on this sort of thing. I well remember her gourmet dinners for the very rich to raise money for starving people. She loved shopping for new gowns. No wonder Brian needed money.


  1. Wow, I had to see it to believe it, but Rod Allens column is awful and full of many stereotypes. His comment about Quebec, a bit too much..

  2. Before that paragraph about Quebec came, I had started skipping from point to point, just making sure that he really had maintained that level of loutishness and ignorance to the end.

    You're right. The passage on Quebec is really even more disgusting than the rest.

    Oh, how I would love to meet one of those clowns in a public debate!

  3. I wonder if any of the T&T staff ever read your blogs

  4. I suspect they might be the majority of my readers. Them and CSIS. I mean, if the Canadian government now officially lists all animal rights groups as terrorist, I should think my blog would make it.

  5. So now you write a terrorist blog? I love it.