Monday, October 17, 2011

Oct. 17: some late night thoughts.....

Have you heard the speeches by the leadiing Republicans candidates for the presidency?
The theme is constant. God wants the US to rule the world. God has a role and a destiny for the US to dominate the world for the next century.

Now, I haven't chatted with God lately. But I have read The Bible. And nowhere does it mention the United States. Don't you think it just a little scary when national leaders talk like that? Hitler talked like that. We said he was a madman. Is it sane when American leaders say the same thing?

In fact, world domination is exactly what both Bush and Obama have been working on. It  has to happen soon because western capitalism is crashing and the western military, for all its size and technology, has been amazingly ineffective for the last fifty years. Time and bogged down wars may very well dictate a use of the only weapon the US has that is sure to work. The nuclear bomb.

Would the US do it? It is the only country that ever has. Twice.

If we invade Iran, the whole middle east will be aflame. It is not likely that it will be easy or quick to defeat Iran. Both the US and Israel have nuclear weapons. You do the math.

The US government is pretty much owned by corporations. (The average senator has two to three million dollars. Congressmen are poorer with an average of a little less than a million. It is a government of millionaires who get their election funding from billionaires.) Most of Obama's funding comes from Wall St. - which also finances the Republican party. An American domination of the world, should it succeed, would mean a world run by corporations.

Irving quite openly interferes in government in New Brunswick. He also interferes with most of the news we get.

Democracy Now might succeed. If it doesn't, and if it doesn't succeed quickly, we're toast.

Unfortunately, New Brunswick is full of people who think like a woman who wrote to the Times and Transcript lately.  The reason people are poor, she said, is because they're lazy. There's lots of jobs for people who are willing to work. Sure.

The great depression was really caused by a sudden fit of laziness that spread all over the world. The world economic crisis was caused by a similar attack of laziness - something like flu.

When I was born, my father was making less than five dollars a week. To feed us, he had to work for the city, shovelling snow for a quarter an hour, his feet stuffed into boots filled with newspapers because he had no socks. He walked six miles a day to get to a dispensary that gave out milk for us. He was just damn lazy. That was his problem

We have corrupt leaders, and we have people who call themselves capitalists but who operate an economy that is a gross perversion of capitalism. It's destroying us. It's destroying our society. And it will, given time (and not much time), destroy itself.

I don't think God ever said the US should dominate the world. I know he never said corporations should.  I think we desperately need Democracy. Real Democracy. Now.

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  1. Off topic but Tuesday's "newspaper" op-ed stafaf written masterpiece makes one chuckle for AGAIN its about motorcycles. That means that next week it will be about guitars......go back and look over the past evveral weeks. That's about all this "editor at large" writes about. SOOO topicaal for an op-ed page. Barf.