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Oct. 15: m.m.m...let's see - biggest protest in history is on page.....

Found it!!!

Let's see. The biggest protest in history is not on page 1. That has a big story about the Riverview Harvest Festival. Then there's a flash that the sewage system needs a hundred and twenty million for an upgrade. Gee - lucky council made it a top priority to build a hundred million (two hundred million?) dollar hockey rink. First things first. The rest of section one has big stories - including one on how the Sackville Legion building has a new roof. There's even a picture so that you can see what a roof looks like.

NewsToday mentions renewed fighting in Tripoli. It says the fighting is cause by pro-ghadaffi forces.  The European press is more inclined to think it is caused by the rape, pillage, and killing carried out by rebel forces (the ones on our side; the ones that Harper embraced as a democracy though they haven't yet had an election or even written a constitution.)

There's a story on D4 that should raise serious doubts about the alleged Iranian plot to kill the Saudi ambassador to the US. It doesn't mention doubts. But read the story, and see what you think of it.

Oops, missed it. The big story is on D3.  Well, It's kind of short for a big story. But it is there. There is a protest today which is now world-wide. (But it's not as big as the story that many Canadians don't know the words to O Canada. Boy, that will sure get people mad in that bozo New Brunswick town or something that chased out a principal for not playing O Canada every day.  I'd love to give those clowns a basic exam in Canadian history.)

Curiously, the story does not mention Canada, or Vancouver or Toronto or Montreal - or New Brunswick or St.John or Frerdericton or Moncton. It also says the protests have happened in dozens of American cities. In fact, the number of American cities affected is in the hundreds.

And it is NOT true that this is simply  an economic protest. It is about the need to return to democracy - something which has all but ceased to exist - especially in New Brunswick.

And now - I'm off to protest at Moncton City Hall.

....what a wonderful experience. I'm going back tonight. Wonderful commitment and enthusiasm. In the time I have lived here, I have found Moncton to be an intellectual and spiritual morgue, the northern equivalent of Alabama. But,my, I met a lot of people worth knowing. For the first time since I moved here, I feel like a part of Moncton.

The crowd will grow and shrink and grow and shrink as this goes on. I look forward to going back to it many times.

The editorial is the usual stinker.

Belliveau makes a good point in his column. David Suzuki is, as always, a worthwhile read.  But...

.......Brent Mazerolle has this day's staff writer slot at the top of the op ed page.... and...Wow!
I'm impressed by his courage and journalistic inegrity. Read it., That's an order.
      I have only one, little difference with Mr. Mazerolle. He says the Occupy movement doesn't have a clear objective. I know that many reporters say that. And I know that reporters tend to express opinions that they hear from other reporters.  They're a highly conformist bunch.   However...

The Occupy movement has two, very clear and closely related objectives. It does not present solutions. It's not supposed to. Solutions are things that are supposed to be proposed by politicians, and voted on by us.  The Occupy movement is not a political party. I met conservatives, liberals, NDP, Green Party, pro-business, anti-business. Their purpose is not to be a political party. It is to make us all aware of the most serious problem of our age.  Well - two problems, closely related.

1. We have lost democracy. It has been lost in New Brunswick, in Canada, in the US, in Europe, in all the "democratic"  world. We want it back. We want democracy.

2. Power has been taken by one percent of the population who control the great corporations. They are not capitalist. They happily accept  governments that do socialist things like bailing them out, giving them crown land, giving them grants, cutting back on regulations. There is nothing capitalist about

     Corporations like those controlled by the Irvings are an ugly and warped form of capitalism that creates poverty, war, starvation, suffering. We've had enough of that. We want a country in which people of all ideologies are required to respect us and the people we elect.

That's what we want. Real democracy, a democracy in which our vote is as good as Mr. Irving's.

The Whatever section is it's usual, good self. I'll comment on just two columns.

Good one by Isabelle Agnew on how good the Moncton Library is. And that is awesome, considering it has one of the lowest operating budgets in Canada.
Duh - wonder why Moncton has a low rate of literacy. Duh, dunno, must be the  fault of them there teachers, duh..Duh. we need a million dollar hockey rink so Mr. Irving will have a real good rink for his team.  Duh.

Jana Giles always impresses me. She's in grade 8 at Lewisville school. Grade eight. But her writing and insights are extrraordinary. I've taught many a university student who couldn't come close to her.

Now, off again to Occupy Moncton.

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