Friday, October 14, 2011

Oct. 14: What was that again?

Accordiing to the Reuters report in the NewsToday section of the TandT, Ghadaffi's son was captured by rebels in Sirte.
Gee! If you google Ghadaffi's son not captured Sirte, you will find there are doubts about that. Those doubts were expressed by reputable news sources, and expressed a full day ago. That means they were expressed BEFORE the TandT went into print.
A news editor is supposed to know that kind of thing, and to adjust the page accordingly. That's a prime job of a news editor. Doesn't the TandT have a computer hooked up to the web?

The battle for Sirte is still going on. Now, think about it. A tiny group of fighters have been been fighting off overwhelming numbers of our side in a small city (half the size of Moncton) in Libya. They've done it for weeks. Our side has used heavy artillery bombardment for weeks and massive bombing (including the hospital). The other side has small numbers, no artillery, no bombers. It just has rifles and, perhaps, some small rockets.

If you were making a movie, which side would be the heroes?

These defenders are supposedly Ghadaffi loyalists. Oh? Have you  seen a single news report that has interviewed any of them? The Ghadaffi army was heavily mercenary. It is not common, to say the least, for mercenaries to be loyal to the death. So who are these people, this tiny, poorly armed group that has fought off the combined forces of the rebel army and NATO for so many weeks? And why have they done it?

Greece is in chaos. There is no public transportation. Stores are closed. So are factories. The whole nation is shattered economically, politically and socially. Didn't make the TandT, though.  Mr.News Editor....
Go to a computer. Get somebody to show you how to turn it on, and go to google. Type in Greece Turmoil news.

Of course, the news editor needed space for the big story of the day. Harper approves a plan that the monarch of Canada (also, incidentally, of Britain) should be permitted in future to be a woman (even if a prince is in line ahead of her) and/or a Catholic.  What a magnificent step forward for women and Catholics all over the world!

Now - all a woman or Catholic has to do is to be born the billionaire daughter of a billionaire king or queen. Wonoderful news for all those women stuck in low pay jobs at WalMart. What a great job creation move from our prime minister!

Next?  Well, I'm starting a rumour that our premier is going to apply for a job at Callander College as a gay. If they say no, he'll bring down the charter of rights on them, and threaten to cut off all provincial funding.

There is a report, also from Reuters, that the US is threatening retaliation to Iran for its plot to kill the Saudi ambassador. There is no mention that there are great doubts about the story, great doubts  that there was any such plot - and great doubts that Iran has done any such thing.

(sorry - blog was published in error at this point.)

For for fuller information, google Iran plot Saudi Guardian. You will find that almost all North American papers, including trash like BrunswickNews and the National Post, accept the story with no doubt whatever. Many European papers - and high quality ones - don't. They think this is a scheme hatched by the US to attack Iran. And they give pretty strong reasons for thinking so.

There is no mention that Occupy Wall Street, which covers all of the US, expands tomorrow to include 71 countries PLUS Moncton at the city hall at ten a.m. That, with the help of Moncton, will make it the beggest protest demonstration in human history.

Occupy Wall Street did it - even though it has been so carefully either ignored or disparaged by all the hack media of North America. Tomorrow is the most important day we'll ever see. I can't miss it. I'll be there.

Alec Bruce does a good job of showing up the shallowness and the purely political motives that guide so many of Harper's speeches.

There is a thoughful commentary by Norbert Cunningham on how often people do not understand what they have read - even though they are literate. I quite agree. But he blows it a bit at the end. He (and Brent Mazerolle) note that many people still blame city council for the problems at Moncton High. They should have known that the problem was the provincial government's problem, not the City Council's.  Quite so.

But I remember a long campaign of bitter and ignorant reporting that put the blame on School District 2 and its administration and advisors. The TandT obviously didn't know it was the provincial government's responsiblity. And among those who took part in the attack on District Two were - surprise - Brent Mazerolle and Norbert Cunningham.

Good example from Gwynne Dyer on the complexities of understanding foreign affairs.

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