Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oct. 13 again: another late night.

We all live our lives in such a world of propaganda and myth that the truth goes past being crackpot to becoming something we can't even imagine. That first began to dawn on me when I studied Canadian history in graduate school. Do you remember the story of the great hero, Dollard des Ormeaux? He led a small group of heroes out to stop an Irquois attack on Montreal - knowing they would all die in the effort.


He his men were out on a common mission to attack any small band of Iroqois coming out of the fur country, and to steal their furs. So he found a small band of Iroquois, and attacked it. But - he didn't know that right behind that small band of Iroquois was a big band of Iroquois.

We all are raised to believe we opposed Hitler and his treatment of Jews in the 1930s. No, we didn't.  Major figures in Canadian and American business saw Hitler as the hope for the future. Among his admirers and supporters were Henry Ford and prime minister Mackenzie King. When Jews tried to flee Europe in the 1930s and even through the war, both Canada and the US refused to accept them. They were sent back to the death camps. And our governments knew about the death camps.

It's a long slog - first to gather that information, then to let the whole meaning of it sink in. To this day, I cannot think of Mackenzie King as a Nazi sympathizer and a partner to the Naziis in the holocaust. He was. But I still can't shake the image of him as a good guy in comparison to the baddies like Hitler and Goebbels.

I'm going to try more often to give you guides to sources, and to talk about sources. But you'll still find it hard to believe - and even harder to grasp the meaning of it.

For example - In 2001,the US army was told to prepare for a series of wars to give the US world dominance.  In effect, they were steps to world conquest. Sounds like a real stretch, eh?

The source is General Wesley Clark, the American general who commanded the Kosovo operation.
Google International Clearing House, Oct. 13, 2011.  I don't always trust the opinions I read on this source. But I find their hard news pretty accurate. 

He was told to prepare for attacks on Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, ...and Iran. It was all to be finished in five years. Obviously, it's behind schedule. In fact, the process has stretched the American military and economy to such a point it cannot be done by conventional warfare. You will find this report remarkably similar to a document put on the web by far right wingers like Jed Bush, Rumsfelt and others. It is called Project for the New American Century. It called for American "leadership" of the world to be established by military force. But it had to be done quickly - before the "window of opportunity" closed.

Now,it's already past closing time. But the leading GOP candidate for the presidency has just said God wants America to establish world leadership - and he will increase the military and cut other spending to do it.

I really, really want to believe that Obama is not like Hitler. He supports torture, fights wars of aggression, has declared himself as having the right to put American citizens in jail or have them assassinaed without trial, lawyer, or even a charge. And he's done it. The American constitution says he can't. But he's done it. And american democracy is so degraded that only one congressman has said Obama is acting illegally.

Please tell me  how Obama is  different from Hitler.

And her's the situatin - you have a goal that you can't achieve with your economy and with conventional are you tempted to do?

Yes. I find it hard to believe, too. I wish I could think of a reason not to believe it.

On Saturday, the Occupy Wall Street movement reaches 71 countries It also reaches Moncton. New Brunswick has received almost no infomation about it though it has been in world news for over a month. Of course, many people will find it disturbing. Of course.They have no idea what it's about. Most of our news media won't tell them.

It's about the destruction of democracy in North America. It's about corporations which have taken over the people we elect. It's about corporate abuses of us and our families. What it's about is a revolution against corruption,greed, arrogance and destruction. It's a peaceful one - but I suspect the corporations and their political doormats will make it violent as soon as possible.

That is a lot to wrap our heads around. Even if we get the meaning of the words, it takes ages for the reality to sink in. Canadians and Americans are being bled try by corporate leaders. We are sending our children, our relatives, our friends to get killed  - to make one percent of our population richer.
That was obvious in the invasion of Iraq. Martin and Harper knew it when they sent Canadians to get killed in Afghanistan.  The Canadian Council of CEOs knew it when they told Martin and Harper to send the troops.

Oh, yes. Exxon is in court. remember the massive oil spill on the Alaska coast? Exxon was supposed to clean it up. It did, a bit. Now it says it's not going to do any more.

Don't forget to check Google news. There's much more news there than in the TandT. Of course, you still need the TandT to know that Madonna might come to Moncton, and see the big ads to celebrate 35 years for some Irving company. Celebrate. What the hell...  You probably paid for it.

Oh, the TandT says we have to cut social spending, reduce government, and lower business taxes. I know from my study of Canadian history that this is a lie. Don Savoie will, I am sure, be interviewed to tell us all this nonsense. So....

Google Robert Reich seven. Up will pop a short paper called "The Seven Biggest Economic Lies."
Reich, who is Chancellor's Professor of public policy at U. of California, is quite a bit more famous than Don Savoie.  I guess that's why the TandT never interviews him.

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