Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oct. 11 addendum: What will the TandT do on Oct. 12?

I'm sendinig this one out before Oct. 12 because the TandT faces an unusual problem on Oct. 12.
There is a stunning report on Canadian education just out. It's a major news story across Canada. Of course, The Moncton Times and Transcript might ignore it. They often ignore major news stories. But this one might tempt them. It will be interesting to see if and how they decide to go for it.

The Council of Ministers of Education, set up PM Paul Martin to evaluate and coordinate all levels of education across Canada, has been axed by PM Harper. As its final effort, it produced a report on Canadian education.

It's a damning report at all levels. For universities, it says they are dysfunctional, concentrating on publication to build up personal and institutional reputations while neglecting teaching. (I quite agree. In fact, I made a nation of academic enemies by frequently saying so, and by publishing an article about a year ago in Reader's Digest about the scandal of money wasted on research for the sake of  personal repuation - and the ignorance of university teachers of even the fundamentals of education.)

It also says there is no standard of measurement for the quality of universities. Quite so. There isn't. The MacLean's ratings are a crock But they have done enormous damage as university presidents scramble to model their schools on what some magazine editors say makes a good university.

On elementary and secondary schools, it says student performances show a steady decline in literacy and math - and a decline in world standing.

Now, the TandT represents the Atlantic Insitute of Marketing Studies which represents the corporate elite of New Brunswick. They all want to destroy the reputation of the public schools so they can bring in privatization and make profits out of our children. That's why the Atlantic Institute runs its fraudulent school rankings. That's why the TandT ran a scandalous, unethical, and ignorant campaign to discredit the public schools through most of last year. This destruction of public schooling began about thirty years ago in the US (and has been a dreadful failure), and is now spreading across Canada. some people are stunningly greedy.

This report could be a bonanza for the TandT. It could used to revive its campaign to discredit our public schools - just as it did in a long series of editorials and commentaries last year.

But there's a catch.

The report is clear that the universities are to blame for the mess they are in. But....

...it also makes it clear that the problems of the public schools are not caused by the public schools, not by their teachers, and not by their administrations.  They are caused by bumbling and uncooperative ministers of education, by poor political leadership, and by federal/provincial squabbles over jurisdictions.

Of course, the TandT could skip reporting that final part, and just go on blaming and  bashing the teachers and the school districts.

So let's see what they do. Will they go for the attack - and hope that nobody finds out what the report really says? (I mean - what's the risk of anybody finding out the truth in the press of this province?)

Or will they simply ignore the most important report on education in Canada that we have ever seen?

Tomorrow will be fascinating.  See you then.

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