Friday, September 9, 2011

Sept. 9: Doesn't the editorial writer read The Moncton Times&Transcript?

For years, the New Brunswick government and the editorialists for the The Moncton Times ignored the issue of drilling for shale gas. When protestors brought it out into the open, the government and The Times gave little information (and most of that false). For the last few weeks, there has been almost no information at all. There has been lots of propaganda from the gas companies (both in commerical ads as week as in free space in the always cooperative T&T.). There's been lots of loaded language to demonize protestors.  There's been lots of obvious lying about how it's all perfectly safe. (Environment minister Blaney, probably without realizing it, said as much in her inteterview just yesterday). We also know from Ms. Blaney's interview that for all the years this has been going on, and for all that it was a plank in the Conservative election platform, we still don't have regulations in place. Indeed, she suggested we need even more study before they can be drawn up.

If there has been virtually no information, no debate, no governmental research, how come permission for exploration was given? And how long ago was it given? And what are the terms of that permission?

The editor says it's a pity that infotmation and consultation were not  begun long ago.

Yes, indeed it is a pity.  So why didn't the editors and their editorials say so long ago? Why, instead, did they do nothing but pump out pro-gas propaganda? Why, in consulting academics, did they ignore mining engineers to give play to Professor Savoie of U de Moncton who has no particular expertise in the field? (Indeed, why did professor
Savoie agree to an interview on such a topic?

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