Friday, September 9, 2011

Sept 9: addendum to previous Sept. 9 blog

Sorry. Damn computer. All of a sudden, an unfinished blog was published - and now my computer won't let me edit it. (So this time I have an excuse for spelling mistakes.) This one takes up where the other left off.

The editorialist of the paper that has refused to give us information for years,  that  refused to make its own enquiries, that has propagandized for the gas project, and has tried to tar the protestors is now asking us to take a "balanced" approach. The government and the newspaper will now start giving us information in the honest and straightforward way that neither of them has ever shown. Why on earth should we believe them?

The discussion has been marred by lack of verifiable fact? And who is responsible for the lack of verifiable fact?  And what about the facts that CAN be verified - as in US cases of damage? Why has The T&T never reported on them? Why has it never even asked Quebec, France, South Africa and, I believe, Australia why they have forbidden fracking?

And we are going to get an honest, balanced view from an energy company? Aren't energy companies the ones with a reputation for being the most brutal, lying and destructive ones on earth?

And the T&T and the Alward government will act as honest brokers? With their records?

There's a mess. It wasn't caused by demonstrators. It was caused by liars. I have no interest in taking part in dicussions and information sessions organized by proven liars. New Brunswick governments, big business, and the Times and Transcript have long ago proven their collusion, greed, and dishonesty. Enough.  They have made a mess. They have done it consistently for generations. I cannot believe that they are suddenly turning into anything desirable or moral.

I don't believe I have ever demonstrated in my life. But this Thursday, from 10 to 2, I shall be joining the demonstrators at Centennial Building in Moncton.

This province is deep in corruption, greed, abuse and lying. There comes a time when you have to decide which side you're on. The choice  has been made necessary not by protestors, but by the government, the business leadership, and their lying newspapers.

Oh, and if we need more money, can we get a look at just who is paying how much tax in this province? And can we ask who is getting favours from our tax money?

See you on Thursday.

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  1. It's difficult to find a clear figure because NBs Public Accounts Office lumped 2007 and 2008 royalty receipts, but the amount is somewhere around 10 million since 2005. The royalty percentages appear to be working on a sliding basis.
    Corridor resources from their own accounts statements, are paying no corporate taxes until 2016. Now that's a sweet deal.