Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sept. 7: disillusionment with New Brunswick

The Moncton Times&Transcript is so dismally trivial today, I decided to talk about a couple of general points which take some of the blame away from The Times&Transcript..

New Brunswickers are remarkably polite and friendly people. They are also as passive as oxen pulling a plough. That's why they have allowed themselves to be used and abused by a handful of people throughout the province's history. At first it was the timber barons who controlled almost all employmen, and used that power to control government. Now, it's a handful of corporations.

The corporate bosses want to make money out of New Brunswick's children So they, beginning with their absurd school rating and annual tests, are on a campaign to gradually introduce privatization. It has alreaady damaged the schools and the children. (In the US, the damage of privatization is so severe that American education is internationally recognized as a disaster.)  But it will go on; and New Brunswickers will passively give their children. their own children, over to corporate bosses for their profit.

The editors of NB media, who know nothing about education, and rather less about journalism, will play their game of destroyiing public confidence in thes schools. Home and School and other parent organizations will stand around with their faces hanging out - as they always have.

The universities will say nothing and do nothing because they, too, have sold out.

When I saw the results of recent polls (today and yesterday in The T&T), I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Not very long ago, New Brunswickers were furious with the provincial Liberals for pushing a policy that New Brunswickers were strongly opposed to.. So the Liberals were booted out, and the Conservative in.

Now, the polls show the Conservatives sliding as they push for a policy that is widely opposed. And, worse than the Liberals, they refuse to give out information about it. But not to fear. The intrepid voters are moving to voting the Conservatives out, and the Liberals in.  Boy! That'll teach somebody.Something. Maybe.

New Brunswick has been doing that for well over a century and a half. That's why it's still ruled by a few families.

And do you seriously believe those families give a damn whether the winning party is flunky Conservatives or flundy Liberals?

At some point, New Brunswickers are going to have to look at the financial and human abuse that goes on in this province, and realize it is their fault. I don't know whether it is fear or passivity or indifference or obsession with fun and games  (like Ancient Rome). But at the end of day, it is New Brunswickers who are to blame for what is happening to them. They tolerate trivial newspapers; there is no open discussion and debate/ they just shuffle like a herd of sheep in whichever direction they are pushed.

As we near the tenth anniversary of 9/11. As usual, we are getting "thought" columns from journalists afflicted with eyes that can't see beyond their own belly buttons.

Western powers, since the end of World War Two, have destroyed democracies (Iran, Guatemala,.Haiti, among others), carried out mass terrorism (as in the bombing of Cambodia), killed millions of people (Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Guatemala, Algeria, etc.) , inpoverished and maimed more millions, and displaced even more millions. For most of the world, 9/11 changed nothing at all.

9/11 was certainly terrible. But 3000 people (even if most of th em were white and English-speaking) were a pretty small drop in the carnage that preceded it.

As for stepping up the pace of war? That had already been planned long before 9/11. People like VP Dick Cheney and goovernor Jeb Bush had made plans for eternal war long before 9/11. It was no secret. They publised in on the web. It was called Project for the New American Century. Don't any of our journalists ever read anything?

The project ws to recognize (in the 1990s) that the US was at its military and economic peak. So the US had to move immediatly to use its military to establish economic "leadership" of the world. (Other people might call that world conqauest.) It was now or never.

9/11 was the needed excuse. The White House at the time was packed with signatories to The Project...", including Cheney as VP and Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defence.

This is not to say that Bush set up the 9/11 attack. I have no knowledge whatever of that part. But he used it to "make a change in the world" that he and his cohorts planned to make, anytway.

And the real changes are not just searches at airports. They include a vast expansion of domestic spying, imprisonment with no charge or trial, the arbitrary creation of a 'no -fly" list, official use of torture and assassination, and wars that will create ever more terrorists.

And Canada? For all practical purposes, we are becoming a northern state, along with Alaska. That means forget about Canadian soverignty over the Arctic. That is slated to be a hunting ground for US oil companies. We can also expected American-style security at our airports, along with expansion of police powers, and all the other goodies.

In Ancient Rome, the population was largely unemployed and poor. That made it a threat to the caesars and the senators. The caesars lived in glory off the wealth and produce of the Empire. With the Empire working, there was little need for jobs in Rome. But the emperors feared that the population of Rome might rise from its povery, and threated rebellion. So the ceasurs distibuted cheaper foods  free to the "mob", and kept them entertained it with gladitorial contests (think of them as extreme fighting because that really is what they were.. Extreme fighting -is entertaining people humiliating others. It attracts people who have contempt for themselves, and like to see somebody else who's worse than them.)

Hey! Wow! We're going to get a CFL game, and  new hockey rink.

New Brunswick is being bled dry. And, when it goes dry, our coroporate leaders will go somehwere else, too.. Their (our) money is already going somewhere else.

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