Monday, September 5, 2011

sept. 5: More stories that probably won't make the NBMedia

1. BBC News Tonight on Sept. 2 carried the story that the majority of the leaders of the rebels in Libya are Al Quaeda. So are the bulk of the fighters, many of whom have experience fighting westerners in Iraq and Afghanistan. Won't it be interesting to see what happens now? First crack of the bat? Imposition of  Sharia (Moslem fundamentalist law).

Many of them are on the terrorist list kept by the US Secretary of state. That means it is illegal under American and Canadian law to give them material support. But we have given them very material support. So when do we arrest Obama and Harper, and render them to, say, Syria for torture?

2. Over the weekend, some 450,000 Israelis protested against living conditions under the Netanyahu government. As in Canada and the US billionaires are making even bigger profits while most other people are suffering. 450,000 protesters. Not enough to catch the attention of NBMedia.

3. Turkey is suing Israel at the world court for its interference with aid ships heading for Palestine. It will also use its navy to escort future aid ships.

4. Shale gas "infomration" meetings have been either posponed or cancelled.  The Alward government, famous for listening, has stopped listening to questions about shale gas. And stopped answering. (Given their record, that's not a big stop, really.)

Let's see how many of these stories make The Moncton Times and Transcript on Sept. 6 - after, of course, the big story about the CFL game which is coming - and for which tickets are still available.

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