Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sept. 4:massacres ond silence. (and Canadian minign companies)

In the Toronto Gobe and Mail of two days ago (Sept.2) is the story of the arrest by Canadian authorities of Jorge Sosa. (He is a Guatemalan who also has Canadian and American citizenship.) He was charged with war crimes.

It seems he led the slaughter of an entire village from babies to the elderly. Mr. Sosa, commanding 20 Guatemalan soldiers trained, supplied and diected by the CIA, was searching for rifles in a village. When he couldn't find any, he decided to kill them all, anyway.

Mr. Sosa led the way, killing infants and young children first with a sledgehammer. Girls and women were next, first raped and then killed. Finally, all the men were killed. It was a common happening in a terror campaign that lasted 39 years.

In the early 1950s, Guatemala had an elected and popular government. The people of Guatemala, especially the Maya native people, lived under starvation wages and brutal working conditions inposed by United Fruit Company (Chiquita Banana). It was not pleased at the elected government's suggestion that it should be possible for a family to live on wages - or about its idea of taxing the land (most of Guatemala) that the company owned.

Surprise! A band of we-armed thugs suddenly appeared to overthrow the government. The American and Canadian press referred to the thugs as freedom fighters. Their first act was to establish a dictatorship. Wages and taxes were forgotten.

Canadian mining companies which, incidentally, have an appalling reputation for brutal working conditions, low pay, and pollution all over the world soon joined the efforts of United Fruit.

When people complained,  the CIA mounted a terror campaign that lasted 39 years, killing at least 200,000 Maya. It was never reported in the New Brunswick papers, not even when  a Buctouche man, Raoul Leger, was murdcered while working with the Catholic church in Guatemala. (Numbers of priests were tortured and murdered. Nuns were raped and murdered. None of this was interesting enough to attract the North American news media.)

When Leger was killed, the Canadian government refused to even ask about it. It still hasn't. When a film was made recently about the death of Leger, The Moncton Times and Transcript never bothered to mention it. When Billl Clinton, in 1999 apologized for the massacre, nost mews media in North America never bothered to report it. (The head of the CIA for much of the massacre period was George Bush Sr.)

But now, the Canadian police have arrested Sosa, the sledgehammer killer of babies, for war crimes. However.....

The US has asked for his extradition so he can be charged with lying to immigration authorities. Wow! That's really serious. I'll bet he could even be deported to Guatemala for that. As well, if he's tried for lying, then there won't be any need for a court to hear nasty stories about killings and the CIA.

Will Mr. Harper allow the extradition?  Do hookers charge money for sex?

Will the story make The Moncton Times and Transcript? (After all, one of the victims came from the "greater Mondton area"). So will The Moncton Times carry the story? Do pinps let hookers keep all their money?

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