Monday, September 26, 2011

Sept. 26: The lowest: Moncton's day of shame

The  headline of today's Moncton Times and Transcript screams in giant letters "Moncton Scores a touchdown".

In Somalia, thousands of refugees, especially children are dying evey few days. So who gives a damn?

In Libya, the war that was declared over a month ago is still going on. Not important enough - even if our air force is part of it.

In Ottawa, the government is up to its ears in scandal. Mr. Clement, the man charged with reducing the deficit is the same person who unethically and perhaps criminally transferred millions of dollars intended for the G20 summit to his own riding. Boys will be boys.

He will be getting advice on it from a private company (a friend of the government) for $90,000 a day for at least a year - even though Ottawa already has plenty of civil servants (at far lower pay) whose qualifications in the field are as good or better.  Hey! It's all part of the democratic process.

Defence Minister McKay spent well over a hundred thousand of our dollars to fly himself to a lobster boil. Well, a man's gotta eat.

There is to be a major demonstration against the oild sands on Parliament Hill today.  Shit disturbers.

For all his promises, Alward has still explained nothing about shale gas drilling. All we know is that we will get  a lousy three percent on royalties (if there are any); and the companies will pay no income tax until 2016. Hey! If its good for billionaires it's good for New Brunswick. That's what has made this province so rich. That's why poverty no longer exists in New Brunswick.

Of all the above news items (and many more one could add), only one appears in today's TandT. And that appears not as a news item but as an excellent column by Alec Bruce. Remember space is required for which celebrity is having a birthday today, and what you horoscope is. There was just no room for news.

How could there be when a full half of the edition, two shole sections, is given over to a football game?  And just to satisfy the illiterate who subscribe to this sheet, most of the sections are photos. Of course, photos can tell a story. For example, there is the bald man who proclaimed his team loyalty  by having team logo painted on his head. There are pictures showing that football players sometimes run. And there are lots of pictures showing that cheerleaders have belly buttons. This is need-to-know stuff.

They did squeeze in a story that Canada is very vulnerable if the eonomic crisis goes on. But it was buried on p. B7.

Allen Abel has his usual column on the depths of ignorance of ordinary people in Washington. I'm never sure whether Mr. Abel hates Americans - or is really so thick he believes the people he writes about are normal.

The Moncton Times and Transcript has always been a paper designed to keep people in ignorance of what is going on. It's designed to keep them trivial. It's designed to produce a population which will tolerate unending rip-offs without protest. It's designed to keep New Brunswick poor. Any real journalist would be ashamed to admit working for it.

Today, the headline screams "Moncton scores a touchdown". But the whole paper screams the real opinion of the Moncton Times, "Moncton is hicksville".


  1. Ha ha..the funny thing is........the paper couldn't even get the top line you mention ...right
    Touchdown is ONE WORD NOT TWO WORDS AS IT IS IN THE RAG.......................

  2. Only 20 000 fans or so were in the crowd. This represents about 10 000 fans less then last year. But, they will continue to say that it's putting money into the local economy. "the little city that could", "the city that punches above its weight" etc etc

  3. Very unpredictable òp-ed`page column today (Tuesday)...ha ha...... as predicted last week, the Guitar and Motorcycle Editor would be writing about guitars THIS week (with some football thrown in)....which means NEXT week it will be about motorcycles...
    (Maybe Washington Post will pick up these terribly topical OP ED PAGE columns....ha ha