Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sept. 20: News for a firightened province.

There is a fear that runs down through every level of New Brunswick society. The people of New Brunswick are cheated and lied to. They know it. They know it; but they don't want to hear it. And they certainly aren't going to talk out  loud about it.

They're afraid. They're afraid the  big ones might hear about it.

In Israel, tens fo thousands are camped in protest against their government that has encouraged enormous wealth for a few at the cost of low living standards for everybody else. As the protestors camp out in the streets, they also form dozens of lecture and discussion groups to familiarize themselves with the causes of the  problem.  Openly. Publicly.

Can you imagine anyone in this province gathering in public for open and honest talks about our political and economic leadership?

(Hey! How about that football game, eh?)

The  Moncton Times &Transcript exists to sell ads, and to keep people thinking only of trivialities. That's why section A has over a page on football games, five pages of ads and obituaries, and a geegollywhiz story about a rabiit that is looking after kittens..

The big story in NewsToday is the Harper budget. It comes from PostMedia, of course. That's why it didn't carry important news that was easily avaiable.
1, Our cost-cutting government is committing itself to a prison-building, sentence lengthening prograemme that:
a)is estremely expensive.
b) American authroities, who have tried it for years say it doesn't work and indeed, makes crime worse at huge cost. That is also the opinion of Canadians who have studied it. It is far  cheaper and more effective to use crime prevention and rehabilitation services.
c) this comes at a time when the Canadian crime rate is at its lowest level in almost forty years.

So why is Harper doing it? To appeal to that very large part of the public that doesn not get honest news from its news media. . Why not? It worked for Alward.

Norrdoes Postmedia mention a rather important point relatied to the crime bill. . Harper has contracted economic consultants to suggest where bugets should be cut. The contract is for $90,000 - PER DAY for as much as TWO YEARS. That's right folks. We are going to spend billions on correction services that aren't needed and don't work; and then spend another $500,000 on tips to save money. Funny how Polstmedia missed that. There was, of course, no call for tenders. Happy times are here again foro Harper buddies.

In foreign News, there is no mention of a story which has been receiving coverage from reputable news sources for weeks. The rebel forces in Libya have been on a spree for weeks raping, murdering, torturing, beating, starving to death in prisons anybody who is Black. Most of the victims are migrant workers brought in to do the dirtiest and worst paid jobs in Libya.

Weren't we told that we were going to Libya to prevent just such a slaughter? How come NATO hasn't 'made a peep? How come the TandT has yet to carry a story on Canadians fighting in Libya? How come Harper hasn't said anything? He's the one who sent our flyers there.

(Oh, and what kinds of bombs are they dropping? They wouldn't be cluster bombs, would they?)

I have a long list of easily available and important news that is not in the the TandT.And it comes from sources a lot more reliable than PostMedia.  But I'll save it for another day.

In fairness, we do  have half a page by a staff writer on how you're never too old to rock. (When all the old TandT staffers fade from this world, they're going to have to open a new care centre in the idiot section of the New Jeursalem).

There are two must-reads in the paper.- Alec Bruce on the Editorial Page, and Ed Graham on the Op Ed.

Meanwhile, a reminder. I shall have a blog for Wednesday. But on Thursday, I have to be in Ottawa to meet for an hour or so  with the Secretary of State.. But I'm a poor man; so the Secstat will pick up the tab. Thanks to all you taxpayers. And I hav a feeling the TandT isn't going to report it. Not unless secstat gives me a free ticket to the football game - or wants me to be a mother to orphaned kittens.

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  1. Glad you mentioned the always topical op-ed colunm by the `newspaper`s`` Guitar and Motorcycle Editor. One can only assume next week`s `column" will be about motorcycles (again)