Saturday, September 17, 2011

sept. 17: Man cleared at fight in bar....

I yawned. A man getting cleared of starting a fight is front page stuff in Moncton. Then I noticed a real story. "School district chief praised." And there was a picture of Harry Doyle, Chairman of School District 2 Education Council. It was just  a year ago I had dealings with him.  I wanted to present to the council my views on the interference of Atlantic Institute of Marketing Studies in New Brunswick schools. I wanted to explain why AIMS was utterly incompetent to give advice on public education, and was really acting as one of the propaganda agencies for corporations across North America who want to get our tax money into their pockets.

Doyle played it absolutely straight. He gave me my allotted time - to the second. At no point did he indicate agreement or disagreement with me. I still don't know what he thought. And that's the way it should be. He did exactly what a chariman should do, and did it with exemplary impartiality. As I waited to speak, I had a chance to see he conducted the whole meeting that way. I've been to a lot of executive meetings, too many.Tthough many of those meetings had some pretty eminent chairmen, I have never seen one as impartial and effective as Harry Doyle.

The editorial picks up the theme - but in a disgustingly partisan way that Doyle would never permit. It dumps all the blame for in the Moncton High closing, for example, on the administrators of District 2, saying they were at fault for not maintaining the school. That's what's called a lie because whichever village idiot employed by the TandT to write editorials knows, or should know, that the responsillibity lay with New Brunswick governments, includinig the current one led by "I'm all ears" Alward - the same man who completely failed in his reponsibilities to inform the electorate on the shale gas issue.

As well, I remember how The Moncton Times and Tribune for months carried a series of vicious and lying attacks on the whole school system, including our District Education Council. I Iwas reminded of that when I   saw the name of the reporter who wrote today's story for Doyle. It was Brent Mazerolle who once wrote reports of a much different kind. That was when The TandT ran the most unethical and lying smear campaign against public schools that I have even seen.

The objective was private/ public "partnerships", scheme by corporations to get tax money away from children and put into corporate pockets. This has already done so much damage in the US that its public education system now ranks the worst in the developed world. But that will not discourage New Brunswick's corporate bosses - who don't give a damn what happens to us or our children. Forming a partnership with them is like offering to be a target for pickpockets.

The TandT's praise for Harry Doyle is deserved. And it would be welcome if the TandT would apologize for its many slanders. But it hasn't. And it won't. And the smear campaign will be coming back.

On Libya, we have been told for months that most of Libya is on the side of the rebels. We were also told the war (which is lastiing well over twice as long as it was supposed to) ended two weeks ago. We are also given to understand only a small fraction of the Ghadaffi loyalists are left. And, course, we are told our bombs don't kill civilians.

1. If the war is over, how come it's still going on?
2. If Ghadaffi was widely hated, how come some regions are still holding on?
    How come the whole rebel army with massive air support plus weaponry supplied by NATO plus troops supplied by NATO is having such a hard time?
3. We are told the cities and towns holding out are being bombed, and hit with rocket fire and artillery.
Never in  history has that kind of power failed to kill very large numbers of civilians. Never. So how come we aren't hearing anything about civilian deaths? Other, reputable news sources put the number of civilian deaths at as much as 50,000. And that was two weeks ago.
4. The African Union has publicly protested that Blacks in Libya. many of them migrant workers, are being slaughtered by the rebels. How come Reuters hasn't reported that?

Then there's Bill Belliveau's column. I used to like his columns because he seemed to put so much research into them.  Unfortunately, that's all his puts into them. The thinking part is a trifle weak - and a lot biased.

Today, he says the Liberals were right to want to sell NBEnergy because it's real accounting figures were so bad, we would be lucky to get 50% of it's estimated value in the sale. So it's better just to let it go. Otherwise, the debt just gets worse.

Okay. we sell it - which, at the loss, raises our debt right there. Presumably, somebody buys it. And then?  They charge us at least what he have been paying (probably more to bring the balance up) AND more to make a profit. They also use their control to get even lower electric rates for their businesses in the province - which means we have to pay even more to cover that.

Great thinking, Bill. For your next column, how about a study of privatization of power that has resulted in lower rates?  Good luck on finding one. (Did you know that electricity supply was taken over in the first place because privately owned energy was too expensive? Ever read any history?)

On the op ed page, Brent Mazerolle contributes the thought-piece of the day. It's about
Scarlett Johansson's naked bum.

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  1. Bill was his father before him..has always been nothing but a Liberal hack. Case closed.
    His columns have always been the same........Conservatives BAD, Liberals GOOD.
    No matter what.