Monday, September 12, 2011

Sept. 12: .....sigh......

The front page had a story about Moncton congratulating itself for how good it was to stranded passengers at the time of 9/11. And a bigger one "Grey Cup Fever grips Moncton".  In a real city, that means the Grey Cup is going to be played there. In Moncton, it means the cup is on tour. The rest of Section A was pretty much the same stuff, with lots of pictures to save money on reporting - and because this is regularly a newspaper that does not encourage literacy.

NewsToday was pretty much the same as section A. No mention of Libya (where fighting goes on though the war was said to be over two weeks ago.)  Lotta babies dying in Somalia. But no mention of it. I guess it doesn't make for good picture spreads.

Serious danger of war and general collapse in the middle east as Turkey and Egypt move to teaming up against Israel. But this didn't make it either. Nor did continued US bombing in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.  No mention of Obama's desperate economic plan; but a fuzzy picture of Obama hugging somebody. I mean, what the hell, it it's Obama So that's a story. Right?

The big editorial? The big subject of othe day?  It's too expensive to rebuilt covered bridges. A hundred million collar hockey rink? for sure. A sweetheart contract to a fracking company with no taxes until 2015?  And few taxes even then? you bet. But covered bridges and education and minimum wage and care for the elderly? This is no time for frills. The whole world, as always, is watching us.

The only important story was the chilling one that led NewsToday "Divide between West, Muslim societies 'irreconicilable': poll"

It seems 65% of Canadians polled think we and Islam are in an ideological struggle. And there is no hope of a peaceful solution. Neat. That means the only possible solution is mass slaughter. A very Christian view. And us followers of love thy neighbour are well ahead of the game with a score of at least a million Moslem civilians killed for the loss of Westerners in the thousands.

Where on earth do people get the idea these wars for oil and economic positioning have anything to do with ideology? Well, it has to do with listening to our politicians like Bush and Obama and Harper, and with  following most of our news media.

Do Moslems kill for terror? Then they're extremists. Do westeners kill for terror -- as when they murdered almost a million Iraq civilians? When they slaughtered 200,000 in Guatemala? When they bomb Libya and Somalia and Pakistan...?  When they torture uncounted (and unreported) tens of thousands?

Shucks, no. They's jes' good ol' boys funnin',  and valiantly defending their values - whatever those might be.  Nust keep movin' along, folks. Nuthin' to see here.

The choice of words is essential in spreading propaganda and fear and hatred.

No western country of the last thirty years has accused another western nation of terrorism or extremism - though it is western countries which have led the world in torturing and killing for all those years.

When Christian Americans practice terrorism within the US, they are never called terrorists. They are called militias - it's such a nicer word.

When Moslem clerics denounce the west, they are extremists. When western politicians (Harper springs to mind) denounce Islam, they are celebrated in the press.  Remember the headline about Harper facing the "Islamicist" threat squarely? Notice the word "squarely". That's a good word. It suggests fearlessness, honesty, taking an unpopular stand because he is such a fine man.  It doesn't at all suggest he could be building up fear and hatred for polical purposes. News media love to deliver hidden messages with their choice of words.

This is a war of ideologies? Ridiculous. Religiously, the west has very little of any religious ideology. Check out most Moncton churches on a Sunday.  For over a century, the west has been killing Moslems for oil. Moslems are just rubble in the way (as we New Brunswickers are in the scramble for shale gas. That's why the gas companies like to refer to us protestors as hoodlums and thieves. Watch for the Times and Transcript to pick up on this theme.)

But don't expect much  discussion of this (or any information) in The Moncton Times and Transcript.

Moslems are not attacking us because of ideology. They are shooting back because we have been terrorizing them for over a cenutry, But we don't talk about that. That's because the news media paid very little attention to the fact the the dictators attacked in the"Arab Spring" were dictators that we installed and supported in the first place.

Ideology.  What a crock!. But 65% of Canadians believe it.  That tells you something about the dishonesty of our political leaders and the manipulation of most of our news media.

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