Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oct. 8. Environment Minister Blaney tells the truth?

I don't think she meant to tell the truth. But she did. And her nose looks shorter already.

The story begins at  the bottom of the front page, "N.B. to consult soon on shale gas". Don't bother with most of the story. Skip to the last five paragraphs (on p..2)

1, She begins that final part by saying that there have been a lot of problems in other places with fracking. Oh? Really?  But Mr. Alward  and the fracking companies and The Moncton Times and Tribune have been telling us there have been no such problems. Don't you listen to Mr. Alward, and read NBmedia, ms. Blaney?

2. "Problems occured because governments didn't put in careful regulation. But NB is not in that position because we in the very early stages"?

Really? And here I was under the impression that  this search was approved some years ago, starting with Conservtives, then Liberals, then Conservatives again. The oil companies certainly have indicated they have a deal. Alward has told us it was a major part of his campaign plattorm (right up there after listening.) Let's see. It's been going on for years. Government commmitments have been made.

Ms. Blaney - exactly what is your definition of very early stages?

3. "If New Burnswick does go ahead and allow extraction of shale gas...." You mean those companies are spending millions on exploration without any guarantee that they be allowed to develop the resource?  Yeah. Gas companies are big-hearted, whacky guys like that.

4. Blaney says "... the best and worst experiences of other jurisdictions will go into drafting NB's regulations"!!!!! You mean they aren't drafted yet? Through all these years? Through an election in which this was a major point in your platform? And all the way through these months of (undistinguished) goverment? And there still are no regulations? But I heard Mr. Alward say they were done. Don't you tell Mr. Alward anything? (He's really good at listening.)

I commend New Brunswickers for their restraint in the face of such incompetent, abusive  and irresponsible behaviour.

5. And what "worst" experiences are you talking about? I've not heard a word from anybody in the government about "worst" experiences. Quite the contrary, the government has poo-poohed any mention of "worst" experiences. And certainly NBMedia has done nothing but kiss up to the government line.

And now you are going to   consult with us and tell us the whole truth. Why? Why didn't you do that in the "early stages". Why weren't you doing it immediately after the election? Why weren't you putting a high priorithy on draftinig regulations? Why are you playing sweet and reasonable now?

Could it have anything to do with the display of anger and disgust by so many ordinary New Brunswickers (defined by the gas companies as "hoodlums"?)

Ms. Blaney, few will be so air-headed as to believe a word you say. You belong to a government that must have set a record demonstrating incompetence and dishonesty in less than a year.

Take heart, though. There are people now prepared to vote in the Liberals who they voted out for lying to us. And when that happens, and Liberals do exactly what you are doing, some people will get angry - and vote the Liberals out and you back in. So relax, and take the long term view.

The T&T continues its daily reports on Libya - and still telling us nothing. How many have been killed bt the 30,000  bombs, and the tons of  small arms and rocket fire? The rebels and NATO have had control of most of the country for a week. Burials are quick in hot climates. So where are the estimates of the dead?  Who were the dead in this humanitarian mission? How many bllack, migrant workers have been murdered by the rebels? How come the T&T source doesnt not mention that the towns still under siege are being bombed by us?

This was not a ground war. It was an air war, in which only one side  had aircraft. That's why reports of ground "battles" in which one or two rebels were killed made no sense. There seems to have been very little ground fighting. It was, rather, NATO bombing a path to Tripoli, and then bombing Tripoli. 
and that means heavy civilian losses. Odd for a humanitarian mission.

Still nothing on Somalia. Who cares? Babies die all the time.

Jody Dallaire and David Suzuki are, as always, bright spots in the paper. And Nortbert, though he tries to cover too many subjects for one column, is an interesting read.


  1. It is September 8 not Oct 8. The heading on this column has spelling mistakes. Shouldn't it be critical not crticial. Transcript rather than traunscript. Maybe traunscript was intentional.
    With only 20 followers I think you should stop blogging and start your own newspaper. I would buy it!

  2. Today's spelling will be worse. I'm having computer problems, and can't seem to make corrections.

    Start a newspaper? Hey! I have a life. I enjoy painting. I'm writing a book. I'm doing a family tree. I have a family. The blog takes up hours a day as it is.

    The regular followers are only a fraction of the daily following. I do wonder, though about the ones in the US, Singapore,Hong Kong,etc.

  3. Further to your comment on government knowledge of the gas, Premier Graham continued to insist that New Brunswick had no natural resources, well into 2010. Even though his father was the CEO of a drilling company here in this province. Only a fool would believe that the Graham family keeps secrets from each other.