Saturday, August 13, 2011

August13: The best and worst of today's Moncton Times

On a Saturday, the best part of the The Moncton Times and Transcripts is the Whatever Section, to  which middle school and high school students contribute columns. Today, those columns are the best ones I have seen - even from that group. It's  hard to believe that these students are products of those same public schools that editorials of the Moncton Times have so often condemned as inferior and incompetent. If this is what inferior schools can do, we need more inferior schools.

The columns, though on seemingly simple topics, bring fresh, thoughtful and thought-provoking views to them.  This is one of the few sections of the paper that is enjoyable to read, and leaves you with something to think about.

Section A is the usual small-town boosterism. Baseball World has eyes on Metro? Come off it. Most of even the baseball world has never heard of the Canadian Cup under 17 competition. And, in most of the world, referring to a city of 160,000 as "Metro" would just raise a giggle.  Luckily, 9 of the 14 pages of Section A are ads. So that's a break.

NewToday feartures four pages on a kite flying exhibition, mostly pictures. This over-coaverage has been going on for a week. I cannot think of another daily newspaper in the world that would do that.(But then, I seldom read The Gleaner and The Telegraph-Journal.)

A newspaper should be giving us information, not running  page after page of what is, in effect, free advertising for events. It shouls be telling eus xactly how much new money these shows actually bring to Moncton (Can we seriously believe people are flooding in from all over North America to see a kite festiival?) How much NEW money is there? How much of it really comes from people who live here? Who gets that money? (Yes, yes. I know it provides jobs for all. But exactly how much of the money is ending up in the hands of the rate payers who underwrite these shows? Are we allowed to consider whether there might be more effective ways to spend our money?

Their story on othe riots in Britain was outdated before it went to press. The British prime minister has now admitted that the riots were not simply acts of criminals.  They happened because of government failure to deal with profound social problems ( - a result of the Thatcher and Blair years).

This week,Obama received a report by government experts saying that fracking for shale gas is poorly regulated and very dangerous. That  report did not make The Moncton Times&Transcript. Understandable. They would have had to drop a kite picture to fit it in.


  1. But Graeme, don't you realize the "newspaper" fought so long and hard a few years ago to have Greater Moncton declared a Metropolitan Census Area so the "newspaper" could raise advertising rates????????????????
    No other reason.
    Actually Moncton is Canada's largest village....certainly in perspective.

  2. Monday's effort and ANOTHER ^&%^$$ column on the "concert of the century".....
    For God's sake is there NOTHING else to write about?????