Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8: missing the news - and hiding the news.

Last last night, I made up a quick list of major news items, suggesting we should look at today's Times and Transcript to see how many they noticed. What I found this morning was a mixture of missing the news - and hiding it.

Section A had nothing at all. The closest it came to a major story was  one on the rise of power rates.It all depends, we are told, on the government's "vision" of the future of enrgy power in NB. Evidently, the reporter and the editor don't read their own newspaper. It was months ago the TandT reported that  planning for the provnice's economic future had been handed over by Alward to a self-appopinted group, mostly of business leaders. (and that was just a recognition of how economic plans have always been made in this province.)

It's typical day at the Moncton T&T. 

NB Power's Director of Corporate Relations said that the government would later be able to give a fulsome report on plans. No doubt. But before that report comes out, the, the director, the reporter and the news editor should check the meaning of fulsome. (I have no doubt the report will be fulsome.)

NewsToday, on its first page, put the economic crisis at the botton of the page - and discussed it only as game playing by the Democrats and Republicans.

PageC2 has two stories on the debt crisis, neither of which explains what caused it, who holds the economic cards, or what is being done.

The demonstations in Israel at last made the T&T - but in a way that journalists call hiding the story. The story is that Israelis have been protesting the impoverishing os the whole nation in order to make a handful of people very, very rich. This is exactly what has been happening in Canada and the US. The difference is that Canadians and Americans are a pretty passive lot. They will accept any kind of abuse.  Israelis will not. This is a protest that strikes at the heart of Israel's economic system; and its dmands are not likely to be adequately met.

How does one hide such a story?  You pu t it under a headline that gives it a positive spin. You don't say, "Quarter Million Israelis demonstrate to protest greed of the rich in Israel". No. you write a headline that says everying is under control. "Israeli leader sets group to address protester demands".

It's rather as if a man were the break a politician's leg with a sledgehammer; and the headline were to read "Hospital treats injured politician."  You hide the story with a weak headline. Readers yawn, and turn the page.

On the same page, we have the helicopter crash in Afghanistan headlined "NATO investigates deadly Afghan helicopter crash." That looks propoerly sad - but not critical. The real story is this. Our leaders have been claining that the Taliban are on the run; and we can soon leave because the Afghan government is in control. The truth is the opposite.

The Taliban appear to be stronger and more popular than ever. The downed helicopter may have been shot down by Taliban. The death toll for NATO and the rate of civilian deaths are both ono the rise. You can get that reading the whole story. But  journalists know that most people won't. They'll read "NATO investigages deadly Afghan helicopter crash"; and turn the page.

Pause for p. D5 for the comics, a world entirely populated by white people.

On D6, the editorial cartoon hos noticed there is an economic crisis on. Thank God for small blessings. (TGFSB).

Alec Brice's column is the only one to grasp how serious this is, and to give some esplanation of why it is happening. For decades, the super rich in places like the US, Israel, and Canada (even New Brunswick) have been sytematially impovershing us by avoiding taxes, expanding their access to cheap labour countries (setting up revolutions in those that don't go cooperate), using our taxes to fight wars that benefit them,  corrupting politicians. As a result the greater part of our national wealth has ended up in their pockets. Now, they have no customers left among us. But not to worry. They'll still make profits by making us a cheap labour country, and by cutting off frills (like health care and food) for the rest of us.  And in this venture they can count ono the full support of all the news media and politicans that they own.

Allan Abel contributes a useful piece in his story of the "recession" that is really a depression in most of the US..

What didn't make the news? Even in hidden form?

There was no report on a poll showing Conservative support nationally is going down the tubes.

There was no story of how Asian stocks went down the tubes yesterday because of the collapse of any hopes for the American economy.

There was no mention that Alward has given premission for drilling for shale gas along the Miramichi. I wonder how they could miss that. Don't some people get drinking water from the Miramichi? Quite a few people?

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