Sunday, August 7, 2011

August 7: What will not be in the Moncton Times on August 8?

I write this close to midnight on news picked up in a casual few minutes. It is all news that was available well before The Moncton Times and Transcript was put to bed. So here's a check list on some of the stires that should be in the paper on Monday, August 8. Let'a see how many make it.
1. Alward has given permission for frilling for shale gas by the Miramichi, an area highly sensitives if there whould be environmenatl damage.
2. Israel has had a second weekend of massive demonstrations against the government - much like those iwe called "the arab spring"'  The Moncton Tand T didn't think the first one worth reporting. Will it report the second? NO clear numbers are available - but somewhere between a quarter million and a million.
3.Asian stock markets have slumped on news that the US credit rating has been cowngraded. That makes Monday a very important day for our markets, a day that could affect all of  us. Will the TandT bother to mention that?
4. London has suffered to nights of violent rioting, a sign of the strain developing in Britain, as well as throughout Europe..
5. Conservative support is slipping badly in Canada.

So let's make a list, and check those that make it into the Tand\T.

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