Friday, August 5, 2011

August 5: Wow! Ticat, Stamps to class this weekend

That's big news today. They aren't going to clash here. It will be a game on home grounds. But they are coming here in a month. So it's exciting and important that they are playing tomorrow. I mean, it they  weren't playing home games, they probably wouldn't be able to play in Moncton, either. So it's really important to know. And they tell you where you can get tickets, and how much they cost, and everything. There's even a photo of a football player with premier Alward holding up a football sweater with Alward's name on it. Hilarious.

And, of course, good, free advertising.

Meanwhile, the North American stock markets bombed yesterday. Obviously, raising the US debt limit hasn't worked. This is going to affect everybody - yes, even Canada. So it's a good thing we can plan ahead and get our CFL tickets right away.

As well, Israel is beginning a new week of mass demonstrations against its government. Apparently, the "Arab spring" is not just Arab.

But not to worry. Neither of these incidents was reported as news in the Moncton Times and Transcript. The stock marekt plunge  didn't even make the so-called business page.

Luckily, the economic crisis did appear in an excellent editorial page comment by Alec Bruce. (That's the trouble with Alec. He doesn't keep up to date on important issues like football and bicycle lanes.)

There is a quite silly editorial on how premier Alward is acting out of character by withholding information on government pensions.  He is, we are told, the politician of consultation and openess. Really?  Is this the same premier Alward who has done everything possible to withhold information on fracking?  And to ignore the public completely on the issue?

The editorial cartoon, as usual, supports the editorial, making fun of Alward for his refusal to be open.  Perfectly valid. But would the cartoonist have the cocurage to do a cartoon of Alward holding back information on fracking? The good cartoonists, like Aislin, don't kiss up to the editor.

 The situation in Israel has nver made the T&T at all - though its implications for an already shaky region are pretty scary.  Even by the standards of Brunswick media, this is a stunningly trivial issue of the paper, designed to keep people in ignorance of what is going on.

There is a letter to the editor from Dallas McQuarrie of St.-Inace that struck my conscience. It refers to the interview reported with professor Savoie two days ago; and it criticizes Savoie for putting profit above public safety. I felt bad about letter because it reminded me I had been much too kind in my criticsm of Savoie.

Obviously sought out by the paper to discrredit the anti-fracking movement, Savoie (who has no special expertrise on fracking) said we have to bear in mind the possible economic benefits of shale gas. There is only one possible interpretation of that statement. Endangering human life and destroying the environment are okay so long as somebody makes money out of it all.

The kindest thing I can say about that remark is that it shows a profoundly perverse set of values. One also has to wonder about the ethics of a professor who allows himself to be used in this way. What is he up to? Is he looking for a job as managing editor at the T&T? Or for a government pension?


  1. the stock market "crash" important??????????????

  2. It really does seem that this "newspaper" gets worse on a daily basis.Surely there must be orders from somewhere to keep everything dumbed down? I question that because it is hard to believe anyone in the news business could possibily have such lack of news judgment to USE NOTHING on the stock market dip.....the most severe in about three years. Could anyone who, in theory, has SOME idea about what is going on in the world NOT see the current financial situation around the globe as being imporetant?? Put a bit anyone really that stupid??? So...with that premise, does it not follow that someone "higher up" makes these decisions??? My God, a "rookie" newsperson would know better...... Thank God for the internet and other news options. Honestly, the T&T DOES get worse almost daily.

  3. Looking at Saturtday's appears that someone must has explained to the youthful experts there that the stock market semi-crash WAS/IS important....even though Bono wasn't involved.